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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Aug 16, 2014 6:48 AM Flag


    another hatchet job done on kmp/kmi in this weeks magazine as well as in another article on yield, raising that old bug a boo re:revisting by the treasury of the mlp and reit tax respective structures.
    pure garbage .
    it takes me no more then 15 minutes to peruse this paper,weekly.
    i find including last weeks article on mlps that this paper is getting more and more less relevant every week.
    just my thoughts

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    • Barons is clueless. Articles written by people who has alot less acedemic AND real work business qualifications then the average Joe in the market.

    • Mostly left-wing aligned anyway and they will never stop in efforts to tax and control as much as possible. I ignore them as well as WSJ decades ago, especially as the internet came about. I agree with narv also, a lot of irrelevant junk out there.

      Years ago before the internet, my sole source other than going to the library to review Value Line and couple of other sources, was watching the nightly business report with Linda O'Bryon and Paul Kangas. Even Rukeyser was one I would watch. At least they stayed relevant to business, investment, and noteworthy reporting on individual company news. Now you have to dig the internet to find what is relevant. Too many drones today cooing celebrities and acting/formulating as facts on tidbit and anecdotal information. As far as CNBC, I turn it on in the morning to see what market futures, commodity prices are, that’s about it as I start my day.

      Kind of reminds me of the book of Judges: “Separate those who lap the water with their tongues like a dog from those who kneel down to drink.” that is one knee and one foot on the ground, bringing water to your mouth with one hand, yet looking forward at the same time……watchful and on alert.

      Rare exception is this board that for the most part stays focused at the business at hand…..very rare today.

    • Barron's as I said before 15 years ago was relevant to investing public They could move stocks the way Cramer did 5 years ago. Even CNBC and individual brokers have lost their charm. I feel that the public for the most part is out of stock market. What has taken over is index funds ETF's and specialized funds for the most part. Traders use program trading and hedge funds are more prevalent in moving the market. That is why if you learn mlp's especially at this dynamic time in oil and gas history you can do better than the general market for perhaps next 2 years..