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  • richardleeds richardleeds Sep 30, 2005 5:19 PM Flag

    this corp is a subsidiary

    This $500 million dollar corporation is owned by another larger corporation.

    It controls 80-90% of the stock of SIM. Market fluctuations of price at $3 or $6 or $9 does not effect them as they are not interested in selling.

    Since they did not use their stock to make the acquisition, they used cash, they obviously have no need to move the stock price on any sustained basis.

    Most top management has a major interest in moving the company stock higher. They actually do that.

    This company announed that future revenue will double. What do you think happens if a European or American company makes that same announcement?

    Since the owners of SIM and its parent are never going to sell they have no interest in the price of the shares. Sustained permanent growth of the stock price like Walmart, Microsoft, etc., is driven by management, performance and demand for the stock.

    Tell me, do any of you see demand for this equity. Do any of you see a management that has a reason to promote this equity.

    This stock went up and down because of manipulation. Probably one firm or office told their clients to purchase this producer.

    Think about this. Does any company with management geared to the shareholders, the support of its stock, etc., sell for a P/E reflective of this company?

    Rather than criticizing me you should be
    analyzing the message.

    Do you know of any companies other than this one that has good financials, good news, and the stock does not move. Attacking the messenger does not address the fundamental question.

    Out of the thousands of stocks sold on our exchanges, how many good companies with good financials and good news, go no where on price?

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    • Tell you what, ricky leeds idiot boy, why don't you do a little research for a change, since at least you know how to spell fundamental, and look at the pe of just about every profitable steel company in the universe? What the hell are you talking about? (Answer: not even you know.) Whatever the case, why are you hanging around here? If you don't like the stock, or just want to wallow in ignorance until you die a pauper, why do you have to do it around here? Is this the only social context in your life? Most all the people here own the stock and have a positive interest in the company, since there aren't enough fools to be shorting this one in any significant way. You certainly aren't going to influence anybody here. Nobody cares what you have to say, as nothing you have to say has anything to do with reality regarding this stock issue. You simply don't know what you're talking about. Actually, I don't think you should be trading stock at all. You need to stick to mutual funds or something, let some other idiot money manager take care of things for you who can at least properly evaluate an income statement. You sure do make me sleepy with the things that you say...

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      • I am not the one showing my ignorance.

        This stock can only be shorted when the price is above $5.00 per share.

        I own 7000 shares of this company and while it is one of my smallest positions among 30 positions, it has been a mediocre performer based upon its fundamentals and news of the last year.

        This stock does not move on fundamentals or positive news. Does it? Otherwise the announcement that revenues and earnings are going to be improving over the present figures would/should have moved 99 out of 100 stocks in a particular direction.

        By the way, I have read that the Mexican stock market hit a all time high during this last quarter.

        Are you not wondering why this company again, was not effected by the market run in Mexico.

        Start dealing with reality and typical stock behavior. This company does not perform according to market and company fundamentals.

        I am merely an unsatisfied investor because I loaded up on a company based upon normal acquisition considerations. I realize now that these do not work for certain entities controlled by insiders not interested in market price of shares (not receiving options based upon stock price, i.e., the typical American based company), and have no interest in having their company acquired by someone else. In fact they appear to be the ones that want to acquire for their portfolio.

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