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  • coldwintergas coldwintergas Jan 23, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    inflation is rampaging in india, food (veggies/fruits) prices are skyhigh

    and headed much much much higher.

    The usual, the big businessmen become the richest men in the world and build biggest houses/palatial houses.

    The middle class/poor get the stick - food prices are skyhigh and headed higher, oil headed higher.

    Poor pay the price of inflation.

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    • Its not the matter of richest man building palatial houses. In fact, Reliance has added a lot of value to the Indian economy.

      Food and Oil inflation is not the prime issue, the main issue is housing. The land is way too expensive and people do not make enough money to support these price levels. Houses in the US are much more affordable than in India.

      India has pegged their currency to $ and they therefore have a very lose monetary policy, they need to let the currency appreciate.

      The only thing that the Indian policy makers care about is the Infosys and Wipros of India. They are not confident that once the Indian wages get more pricy, they will be able to get the business from US and EU.

      I would be a buyer of IFN at 25.

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