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  • space420ghost space420ghost Jul 26, 2004 10:29 PM Flag

    take a look at who's selling

    looks like all the top officers saw it coming and bailed with a tidy profit on those options - thanks y'all!


    when the CFO unloads 10,000 shares, that says something don't it though... coulda seen this one from miles away...

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    • my bad Fred 888gave us the formula thanks

    • retail not figured that way buy it for $5 markup is 66 1/2% their is a formula but I would not know how to explain it

    • You are incorrect in your method of calculating markup. The formula for Markup is Retail minus Cost divided by retail.


    • i don't think you're factoring in licensing costs - any shirt hott sells with a band name or logo on it will have $0.50 - $1.00 included in the wholesale cost for royalties.

      i would guess that the average cost is $7, sells for $20, so we get about the same % markup.

      also, $14.99 from $5 cost is a 200% markup (67% margin).

    • If they pay a tee at $5.00 to a manufacturer plus 65% is $8.25 in store. Otherwise a tee paid $5.00 and retailed $14.99 would be 150% markup. Did I misunderstood something.
      Thanks for your answer

    • if they get them from a domestic mfg. most chains will do 65-75% that way when they put them on sale at 25 0r 30% off they still own them at 45-50% markup. I would say most of Hotts are marked up 65% that is payed $5 sell for about 14.99

    • What kind of Mark up do they use on tee shirts they buy from their suppliers? Do you know?

    • those are too mainstream you need to stand in a store and see WHO is buying and WHAT they are buying and you will see what I
      mean. Dont be afraid to ask one of those kids why they like shopping at HOTT or are they just lookey loos it has got to be new before the masses get on it. that is why they pay employees and ask employees to go to clubs what is COMING on what band and most all WHAT are the new trends as far as business it is flat (about same as last year)one other thing that hurt last quarter new distro center did not get goods to the stores that hurt sales. Hopefully that is corrected and Julys numbers will be up. This company WILL make you money just hold on.

    • The stores are busy, and they aren't doing badly.

      Torrid is turning out, so far, to be a great model that's working out.

      Hot Topic's sales are still great. They just aren't growing like Wall Street expects, even going down a little. The stores themselves are doing great.

      Britney, Justin, hip-hop all hurt HOTT. Christina, with her grunge look, helps a little to mix pop with the mainstreem female vocalist genre. No Doubt seems to be straying away from their punk roots.

      You guys are right, though...they could use some new good bands. I rip a mean harmonica...

    • They seems to have a bunch of great bands...What could be bigger than these bands they have, who do you see new in there that could affect the sales...Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, No Doubt, U2, the Police, B52's.....?
      Give me some name.
      I try to understand why this stock is performing so bad, went to one yesterday and the store seems busy.

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