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GTECH Holdings Corp. (GTK) Message Board

  • ChiTrader ChiTrader Sep 21, 2004 10:23 AM Flag

    next target

    Earnings appeared to be well accepted by Wall Street. TA-wise, GTK beautifully held support at the old resistance point of $22.42 set on July 14. IF (and its a big if seeing as how stocks seem to be manipulated more and more by the MMs) we have a solid close above the 9/1/04 high of $24.18, the next target is to fill the gap totally by getting up to the $26.00 area, then take out the 6/28 resisitance at $26.84.

    But a weak close, such as a one-day reversal on heavy volume (which it appears we will see today- 600+ k shares in less than an hour) and I will be out so fast it will make MY head spin. :-)

    Good luck traders.