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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Nov 19, 2010 9:25 AM Flag

    Airports need to "OPT OUT"

    time to move away from insanity

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    • Our justice system is messed up .... we are severe on mickey mouse "crimes" like a DUI at .08 when .08 is not drunk , it is barely tipsy at best , yet we promote booze to the hilt because it generates revenue , and then we whine because we have a DUI problem .... Jerry Jones just built the biggest drunk driver factory in the state of texas , and he is a hero !!!! we throw 2 bit drug addicts in prison , but the drug lords run free and buy the cops ..... we need to stop prosecuting mickey mouse non-sense , and get tough on the major violent crimes .... really tough , bullet in the head tough ...... If a boat pulls into miami with 500 kilos of coke ??? the occupants of that boat get a bullet in the head .... period ...... drugs are 10,000,000 times more dangerous to this country than any "terrorist" ..... millions of people are destroyed because of drugs ..... and how in the world can drug lords rule our southern borders ???? KILL THEM !!!!!!!

    • Mars I am glad you got the point. I understand the senator from Florida who wants to either do away totally with the TSA or severly limit them will be sitting at the head of a committee that can do just that and he is getting financial support from the lobbyists that want him to do that. I think if he has his way and god forebid something does happen he should be exposed and tried at the same level as the person who was guilty of the act. I admire the chinese for the convicted gets a speedy trial and then is punished to fit the crime right after the trial. No fuss no muss right in the public square infront of everyone to witness. No plea bargans no nothing ! Imagine how fast the criminal population would fall and how many people would think twice about screwing up.

    • I think all this whining and complaining is insanity .... you do realize security is trying to prevent planes being bombed .... right ????? Your life is not worth a little "junk feel" now and then ????? I say big deal , touch my junk all you want .... You have a choice , let someone feel your junk , or let someone bomb your junk .... take your pick

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      • Mars your right. I just remember vividly the report of the 9/11 fiasco with the f/a throat cut amd hog tyed in the isle. Or the fool with the explosives in his underware trying to kill innocent people or god knows how many untold stories of people trying to sneak things onto a plane to cause destruction. Now as usual a senator from Florida who is being paid by lobbyists to promote the reduction of security. Imagine heres a guy that for money is going to take a chance with your life or the life of a loved one. I guess when its not your life in the balance its okay to make money with the gamble nothings going to happen.

    • You know what you should opt out. If its getting alittle to hot for you going through security dont fly. I wonder what the folks who are against security either trying to hide or transport on their person. The real problem is people are getting lazy again like pre 9/11.