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  • aaramprat aaramprat Aug 3, 1998 7:51 PM Flag

    Good Fundamentals-Bad Market

    July traffic numbers and year to date traffic
    numbers are out. The year to date numbers show an overall
    load factor increase of 0.5 pts. To those of you that
    are worried about Latin America, American's passenger
    miles were up 7.1% year to date in the region. The load
    factor was down 1.6 pts in this region, but up 1.5 pts.
    in Europe (I would post the link but I don't know
    how, any help?). You can find it on the quote page in
    NEWS. Domestically is where they are strongest, and
    where the better yields are. The yield is what counts
    and we won't know that until the quarterly numbers
    come out.
    On the negative side, American has been
    canceling flights lately because the pilots are refusing to
    pick-up extra hours. Apparently they think the company is
    violating their contract by flying too many code share
    segments. This is just the kind of information the big boys
    have and the little guy doesn't. Why else would AMR be
    down on a day the oil index tanks as hard as it did
    today, and oil is back to $14, with rumors that Iraq is
    finally living-up to it's sanctions and will probably be
    entering the market again.

    ByVolume, you were
    right-on! I can't believe I should have bought puts instead
    of calls after a 15% correction. Now we've had a 23%
    correction and it just shows no strength at all.

    Fox, you are obviously not God, but who is these days?
    I'm very bearish all of a sudden on the market as a
    whole. Mainly the flat earnings growth predictions.
    Seems the transports led this market up, and now they
    are leading it down. Hopefully I'm as wrong about
    this as I have been about everything else lately. Like
    you said Fox, the dawn is the darkest time of the

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    • No Need to Give Food Stamps�ByVolume

      to hear that you have no dollars left. Are you till
      in USA or Indonesia?

      Please do not end up
      like General Custer.




    • I have no $, as all is in this market...what should I sell to pay this man of eloquent prose?

    • Please First Give Him Your Check �

      Q:AAFlyingBull>Pilots are flying less Message 636 Aug 3 1998 11:03PM

      this company is on the way to another
      record year of profits.
      Buy, buy buy!!

      ByVolume. You are misleading others, please give him your



    • Blue Light Special �ByVolume

      Please be careful.



    • because they caught AMR trying to shift too many
      flying hours/flights between Canada and US to Canadian
      Airlines,( where AMR CEO Don Carty's brother reigns), in
      direct conflict with existing contract rules. Over 400
      flight concelled in July, and more to come in August as
      little to no progress has been made between AMR and the
      pilots union after 2 weeks of talks.
      This however, is
      small potatoes in the greater scheme of things for this
      company and its stock. When VP Baker announces new Boeing
      order (expected this week), maybe things will improve,
      along with the stock buyback.
      With so many people
      flying, this company is on the way to another record year
      of profits.
      Buy, buy buy!!

    • But I still believe that AMR will be up before
      the end of this month and above 80. Look at it this
      way, there is only so much a stock would fall, at
      curernt PE of 9.90 the stock will have to rebound. If the
      transport average took this market up, then it will have to
      be the one to bounce the market up too.

      us forget about AMR for a second, and take a look at
      the big picture. It is not in the interest of anybody
      to have this market go any lower. If the market goes
      any lower, alot of mutual funds will start losing
      real money. Brokerage Houses will loose money if there
      is slower trades, and fear of investing, remember
      they work on commissions. Heck they might start
      upgrading stocks just to start buy programs, especially the
      ones they caused to fall like AMR.

      If you look
      at all indices averages, they are currently at
      important support levels. The oil index just broke its
      support and is heading down. Oil Prices will reach the
      12.00 very soon to test the low recorded earlier in the
      year. Not to mention like you said Iraq will be allowed
      to pump oil into the world market.

      You know
      the saying "Enough is Enough", well this is enough.
      Nobody wants this to be carried too far away, less it
      really becomes out of control.

      The big boys have
      dropped the prices just about right for them to get back
      in. Tuesday morning will start down but will close up
      higher and will be the sign for turn around. This is
      what I believe will happen tomorrow. Since everybody
      is saying that the market will drop to 8000, that
      will not happen. the market will drop yes, but will
      take everybody by surprise, and not by having
      everybody expecting that big fall. Heck I've heard that
      some are expecting the DOW to fall down to

      The Fox


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