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  • dotcom_angel dotcom_angel Jul 17, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    high volume/narrow trading range

    unusual lately how the volume has been picked up significantly compared to 6+ months ago, but the daily high/low is very narrow (6-10 cents) compared to past ranges which were 20-30 cents on low volume..... just an observation not sure what that could mean. someone is accumulating?

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    • IMRS a buy-point.
      I'm in at 1.61 NAV.
      What are your observations today on IMRS?
      Also picked up USGIF, VGZ, GSS, WILD, PAL, RVM

    • A few months ago a high frequency trading firm announced they were going to start trading IMRS, but who knows what that amounts to. While someone(s) is obviously buying the volume, a fair amount of it has been on the bid, and there seems to be a lot of overhead lately. I bought 3k shares in three equal 1k trades over the past few days on the ask and each time they were immediately followed by a 100 share trade to knock the price down again, which makes it seem like its intentionally being pushed down. It's been hard to read this stock over the past few months as its trickled lower, but the company has a good chunk of MRI market share and the intellectual property alone is worth 3x what this stock is trading at. We should be getting notice of the earnings report date any day...should be in the first week of August, though it makes me nervous that they like to give such short notice. I'm contemplating opening a new account just for my IMRS shares so that I don't have to look at them, but I wont sell it, unless Canada invades Minnesota.

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