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  • jonsmill233 jonsmill233 Jan 7, 2009 2:36 PM Flag

    No stopping MAXY $12 on the way

    The market is tanking and MAXY just keeps creeping north. Big up day tomorrow.

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    • Dream on. This Company is worth the cash it holds and the cash it can generate from its GCSF program (which MAXY is unwilling to put any more of its own money in - not a good sign nor a place from which you can negotiate a good deal for that asset), less its liabilities (likely just a cheap, short-term facility lease and some rich severance packages - look at their change of control plan (triggered when they liquidate) as filed with the SEC (see link below) - 3x annual salary - sweet - at least for those employees). MAXY has already announced it is liquidating so there is no on-going entity value. Thus this company is worth what is can dividend out - about $5 a share. Once it files its annual report and reminds everyone of the above - and reminds everyone that they are just spending money - not adding any value (since they aren't trying to be an ongoing concern) their stock price will drop. I dislike short sellers (and would not do it myself) but this stock will be inundated with shorts in the near term. Good luck if you go long - I hope I am wrong.

    • I think you got your directions wrong. Looks like its on its way down, not up.