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  • supertrader88 supertrader88 Jan 7, 2009 5:19 PM Flag

    Earnings on Jan 14, 2 days before option expiration

    Look like put holders will cash in. Earnings consensus of 89 cents is too HIGH to meet IMO. No way that TIF will meet it. Also, next quarter earnings consensus is still HIGH considering the current economic conditions. TIF might guide LOWER or NEGATIVE. Any insights? No flame please.

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    • tif earning is not in jan 14. i lost this pos shorting 5k i am waiting too for earning dat i think it's in feb or mar i will short huge position i am a cab driver. in nyc i swear to my mama it's bad here. the rich dosen't even want to go out anymore forget dimond. just ask any cab driver how they are doing. now days in nyc. i picked up this morgan stanly guy told me that he made 100 calls and no sale. he sais all the traders made alot of money and bougt dimond and all this luxury item now they looking to sell those not buy. i asked him about tif bby and tol he said short and just wait. 675000 lost job in one month wait until for the job lost in january reatil will lay off more job. alot of the company still not laying of jobs to show they are strong but for how long. msft will anounce 10k job in next month i heard from inside. being a cab driver in nyc is good. i think nyc is now feeling it will feel more no matter what crime will go up.

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      • subway,

        thank you for sharing this with us! yo are beter than cnbc because you talk to real people in the most important fiancial city. Please keep us posted. My email is mince38 with a yahoo address if you want to share ideas. I am just a daytrader but like to hedge against my main portfolio as well. In fact I am going to take a small position now short on TIF along with homebulders,retailers and QQQQ. Only thing I am losing on is energy stocks being long. The first homebuilder is yet to go under. Your info is right. I am short TOL!


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