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  • trixie13216 trixie13216 May 20, 2009 4:11 PM Flag

    How the heck do OX and Walli get by day-2-day...


    cause you guys are loooooooosin' your rearends each and every day going long. At least write calls and hedge. I can TEACH you both how to make money in ANY market. At the rate you two are going, you gonna be at an internet cafe cause your power be shut off. Market goes up, APOL goes down. Market goes down, APOL goes down. Looks like a winning strategy to me. What do I know though... I just a ho whose knows how to TRADE? lol

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    • Does your paid shill pool contract require you to have the last post each day in order to get paid?

    • "Read my post/s numnuts."


      I try, I honestly do - but I keep dozing off in the smoke and mirrors sections.

      So, if there is any part of me that is numb it's the big brain and not the little one and it's your fault.

      I'd be thrilled if any short on any board wrote something that took over three brain cells to assimilate.

      So you are not going to either make money on both shorts and puts or lose money on both shorts and puts. No small trick. Only way you can do that is if you didn't buy them at the same time.

      Or maybe you are using Enron accounting.

      With 4 weeks left, your position is a total crap roll. You might as well go to Vegas...

    • Yeah, you're a real genius. You haven't even made up your losses from last week and you're crowing about how we are losing our rear ends each day.

      I'm starting to think maybe it's your accounting skills or lack thereof.

      You're simply a momentum player and now there is no momentum. Only a matter of time before you discover this and move on.

      The arm-flapping isn't working anymore. Move along, move along...

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