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  • oxledge oxledge Jun 4, 2009 10:19 AM Flag

    Deutsche Bank put out rehash of last week's conference calls

    APOL shares are down today as Deutsche Bank put out rehash of last week's conference calls with the US Dept of Education. DB had absolutely nothing new to say on the issue that wasn't fully vented last week. ran story on DB's research note. That all there is to today's gyrations. It is all just noise.

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    • "Another left coast mindless liberal democrack opens his c-mdumpster. Bo and Walli gonna float APOL's boat. NOT!"


      "Forbes Magazine's online edition performed a valuable public service in July when it ran a story comparing the economic performance of the ten postwar presidents. Forbes is the right-leaning business publication that goes by the tagline, "Capitalist Tool." Its publisher, Steve Forbes, is a big hitter in Republican circles and ran as a Republican candidate for president in 1996 and 2000.

      The magazine proposed six different metrics by which a president's economic performance should be judged. They are: GDP growth, real disposable personal income, employment, unemployment, inflation, and deficit reduction. All are mainstream benchmarks with their data easily accessible to any serious inquirer.

      It is a measure of Forbes' integrity that it let the chips fall where they may: the top three performing presidents - Clinton, Johnson, and Kennedy - were all Democrats while the bottom three performers - Nixon, Eisenhower, and Bush the Elder - were all Republicans. The middle of the pack was a mixed bag of all the rest: Reagan; Ford; Carter; and Truman.

      There was never a Republican President who balanced the budget because it goes against their traditional values of Enormous Trade Deficits and a Weak U.S. Dollar."


      I happen to believe in whichever party can produce good financial management. I thought even you could figure that out, Trix. Guess not. After all, why would a bottom-feeder like you not choose to run with the bottom performers...

      PS. G.W. Bush clearly joined the ranks of the bottom-performers. Otherwise we wouldn't be where we are now.

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