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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jul 10, 2009 4:33 PM Flag

    Out Of The Week

    Okay we got out of the week without too much damage from the godless, mindless, spineless, spandex donning, bottom-feeding doom and gloom crowd. So far, so good.

    Monday will be a decision day. Tuesday may be too late as GS announces before the open. INTC after the close.

    So, if you want to play either of those, then Monday before the close is your deadline.

    When the smoke clears, Wednesday morning I expect to see APOL off to the races and all of tech higher.

    So, jellyfish investors (bears and shorts for anyone who isn't paying attention), I call and I raise. What you got?

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    • "So you are ok with people paying no taxes?"

      No, Dumh - I'm not a member of the mindless tax cut group. That is I'm not a Republican.

      The people who pay no taxes are either the really poor or the really rich. I have no problem with the really poor not paying taxes. Do I need to explain to you why the really poor can't pay taxes?

      I see no reason to over-burden the middle class just so the rich can have some extra spending money. America was based on the idea of a strong middle class - NOT the idea of the rich constantly getting richer. Under Republicans the rich constantly get richer. But it's never enough. There is always a new round of requests for tax cuts, primarily for the rich.

      You're not even rich, Dumh. You're just a wannabe. Just one more confused person (like Joe the Plumber) who thinks the Republicans represent your interests when they really don't.

      I would welcome you resisting my comments with facts, analysis or logic. Instead I get Fox News channel chanting and name calling. The only thing you are bitch-slapping is your image as an able debater...

    • So you are ok with people paying no taxes? How much in taxes should wealthy people pay? What is wealthy to you? 50k a year, 100, 250?

      Nobody says the rich..which you can define, want to pay no taxes is retarded. Nobody wants to pay taxes.

      While it is fun bitch slapping your liberal ass, I think I will let this one die now. Just know that unlike others who tolerate your dipshit world view, your stupidity will be met with resistance.

    • "BTW how much taxes do most people pay...50% of your group pays somebody else getting a cut hurts them how?"


      Under this logic the rich could pay no taxes and it would be just fine. More signs than you are not connected to the real world...

    • "Help me out with some of the key programs that need funding?"

      Gee, how about health care? We spend more than any other country on the planet yet our health care system rates like 26th in the world. 40 million Americans don't have health care.

      It's not like we can't figure out how to do it. It's that Republicans consistently block it.

      You need to skip all the name calling, Dumh. I know that you are frustrated because of your poor writing skills but it just makes you look like you can't mount a logical, reasonable argument...

    • BTW how much taxes do most people pay...50% of your group pays somebody else getting a cut hurts them how?

    • You really are an idiot...Walli what do people do with new wealth? CMon what do they do? You have no clue.

      Help me out, how much of our money should we give to the government? Help me out with some of the key programs that need funding?

      What are unions walli, do they promote freedom and excellence? Not a chance..that is the pychology you want for the whole country...that is so long as you are on top of the food chain...another pussy who can not compete and needs a herd of sheep to make him think he is smart....

    • Dumh, that wasn't the Democratic Party that was telling you that you would never amount to anything - that was your mother.

      "Yep rich get richer and poor poorer because libs keep all the sheep on the mental midget plantation."

      Bullshit. It was the Republican tax cuts for the rich...

    • Yep rich get richer and poor poorer because libs keep all the sheep on the mental midget plantation. Encouraging them, as this president does, to not participate, not strive, not dream...instead, it is easier to sit and whine and complain and steal...

      When you are an idiot you need the democrat party to fight the battles you can't understand. I used to live on the plantation 10 years ago...then realized that my potential was real and I just had to actually go out and take a risk..take a chance and dream. Fell on my face plenty. My only regret was listenting to dem/lib nonsense for too many years. I could be 5 to 10 years farther down the road had I not found comfort in their malaise.

      But keep your chest puffed out there Walli...Dems are amazing...Pelosi, Stewart Smalley..boy you guys draw in all the big thinker talent....

    • "My prediction is that Obama will be a one-term president."

      Ha. Go ahead. Name some Republicans you think might get elected. Sarah Palin? Mark Sanford? Newt Gingrich? Go ahead. I can't wait to hear.

      I don't have blind faith in the Democratic Party. I just don't have any faith in the ability of Republicans to make tough choices, show leadership or balance budgets. Just based on their track record.

      Democrats are anything but perfect. But compared to Republicans they look pretty darned good...

    • Ahhh, more sloganism.

      Parting comments:

      My prediction is that Obama will be a one-term president.

      The reasons are that his overly optimistic predictions of deficit reduction won't occur and trying to campaign against Bush won't work three years from now. The reason he won't succeed in reducing the deficit can be found in this chart:^DJI&l=on&z=m&q=l&c=fxa%2Cfxe%2Cfxc

      Notice how whenever the market rises based on "green shoots", the Dollar drops? As the Dollar drops, all the imports we rely on get more expensive. A vicious cycle begins in which any attempts to recover economically is met with price inflation which sinks the country back into recession. The result is that the rosy deficit reduction talk coming out of the White House won't come to be and the Dollar will sink some more.

      Of course I'm not worried because much of what I need for financial security for my remaining years has been moved overseas. But cheer up walli, your unquestioning beliefs and blind faith in everything Democratic will keep you warm at night and to give you food you can't afford on your salary/unemployment check.

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