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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jul 10, 2009 4:33 PM Flag

    Out Of The Week

    Okay we got out of the week without too much damage from the godless, mindless, spineless, spandex donning, bottom-feeding doom and gloom crowd. So far, so good.

    Monday will be a decision day. Tuesday may be too late as GS announces before the open. INTC after the close.

    So, if you want to play either of those, then Monday before the close is your deadline.

    When the smoke clears, Wednesday morning I expect to see APOL off to the races and all of tech higher.

    So, jellyfish investors (bears and shorts for anyone who isn't paying attention), I call and I raise. What you got?

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    • 1st, yourself an extra obama hopium pin on your chest, which will get you an extra helping of hummus at the local grocer...for being so positive and optimistic...

      2nd, I am a trader and call it as I see it. Unlike you, I play the market by what it is doing, not what I want it to do. I trade minute to minute and hour to hour...your long winding waxing of any stocks bright fundamentals is meaningless...I operate out of the premiss that somebody always knows more than me (the average trader).

      3rd with that said, I see next week getting another nice bounce, which I will ride long and set up for my next shorts.

      See just because I don't ride Obama's jock, does not mean I can't play the market long...I could care less who is in charge (well that is not totally accurate) but as far as I have any control, I just want to trade.

      So go ahead and wax poetic with your pelosi supporting/wine sipping California crowd...

      • 1 Reply to domh_25
      • "So go ahead and wax poetic with your pelosi supporting/wine sipping California crowd..."


        Yes, and you continue with your support for the idiots who brought us the worst economic events in 70 years.

        Your team took the field full of testosterone and bravado and then lost the game by 178-0 and here you are still talking smack. Most people would have the sense to just shut up after such a humiliation. Or at least to stop with the really stupid "wine sipping California crowd" type remarks. You got your asses kicked on the field. On the field. What you say in the bar now just makes you look like more a simpering idiot.

        There hasn't been a Republican president in 25 years who didn't create the largest budget deficits in the history of the world by the time they left office. Republicans used to stand for solid financial management. But that was in the time of what? Eisenhower? Now they stand for mouthy arrogance (you have this down), resigning when the going gets tough (Palin) and running off to Argentina to see the girlfriend.

        So, yes - I support the idea of electing smart people as opposed to non-performing ideologues. We can't afford another financial/economic train wreck.

        Your team screwed the pooch. So sit on the bench and shut up at least until the new team has had a reasonable period of time in which to fix their screw-ups...

    • National Debt History by President

      Gee, look at all that red: Reagan, Bush, Bush

      In three decades Republicans have never reduced the national debt. So why would we ever put another Republican in the White House???

      If fact in the last 70 years, only one Republican president made any significant reduction in the national debt and that was Ike.

    • "In the end, it is about philosophy I guess."


      No, it's not. It's about performance and financial restraint. Republican presidents believed as you that it is about philosophy. They were ideologues and thought the "right" ideas trumped any need for good financial management. All recent Republican administrations have been financial disasters for the American people.

      Greenspan in his book commented that Bush disregarded the need for financial restraint because of his need to fulfill his campaign promises. So, we got huge tax cuts and a hugely expensive war and an economic disaster as one Republican president after the other gutted the US Treasury.

      "The feel good socialism thing always fails"

      Yes, that Social Security has been a real disaster, hasn't it? Maybe you should opt out...

    • Yep, basically the world would be farther along had Jimmy Carter not been interrupted.

      His policies were ahead of their time.

      Now we get them in their full glory, so they can right the wrongs of the past.

      Liberalism, spreading misery..equally for hundreds of years now...

      Greenspan, the genius behind rate cuts..a lib, comments on financial restraint. You have got to be kidding me. Next thing you know you will be quoting Michael Jackson on child rearing. What is this liberal vision you psychos have anyway?

      You stand against everything and for nothing. Everything is relative, and as the age of abundance draws to a close, we will see how benevolent all these libs remain.

      You paint the republican admins for all the mess, yet your blowjob president only balanced a budget by cutting defense. Which allowed for 911 to occur. Anyways. Help me out with financial constraint with Obama and the stimulus jackos.

      I can't wait till all the dead wood you encourage and excuse, turns on you and burns your state to the ground. Then you and michael moore can do a video and blame bush or anyone, but the idiots responsible for perpetuating the something for nothing formula.

      I hope you are teaching your good liberal bs to your kids may need to hire mush brains down the road.

    • simple nonsense
      let me remind you this a board for Apol.
      no one is interested in your BS crap opinion about politics.
      bring it if you know anything bout apol.

    • Shut your cake hole johnny come lately...this is america, at least for a few more months, and I have the freedom of expression...the freedom to offend morons...

    • Hey dickhead, without republicans cutting taxes and creating more tax receipts what do you get. Jimmy carter and now barrack Obama...the answer is cut spending. Libs will only spend more money than the republicans, who were a bunch of pussys in my book anywas. It is dumb logic...lets vote in somebody who will take us farther down the road we do not want to travel...just because we hope they have some secret plan..we will just hope..hope...

      That is the dumbest shit ever...

    • "without republicans cutting taxes and creating more tax receipts"


      Cutting taxes NEVER created more tax receipts. It's why Reagan and Bush created such huge budget deficits. It's a matter of record, Dumh. You don't get to speculate on it, it's in the history books...

    • You are an idiot, everyone knows that cutting taxes, puts money in peoples pockets to invest, spend, and save, which promotes more economic activity, which leads to job hiring...that is payroll taxes, income taxes and sales taxes. The idea that the government spending leads to anything positive is a joke.

      go to the junior college and study economics.

    • Just answer one question, dumh:

      Why can't Republicans balance budgets?

      Because nothing else matters...

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