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  • rick_deeze rick_deeze Aug 17, 2010 10:13 AM Flag

    Peter Sterling Sold 700,000 shares before decline

    This article is a joke. Equating options exercising during open trading periods with insider trading. Company officials are allowed to buy and sell stock, and if they do it is not considered insider trading.
    Unless they do it with pre public knowledge available.
    This article talks about carbon footprint and other useless information. Whoever wrote it had one intention, to make Peter Sperling look bad for selling a 3% stake. This kind of useless information helps no one.

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    • Typical management shil red herring nonsense.

      Fact is APOL's big boss Sterling sold 700,000 right before GAO condemnation of his company was made public. It does not matter if he exercised options or not. He sold a massive number of shares with advance knowledge of the GAO report, I'm betting. That is illegal. He must not trade on material information before it is released. The SEC will here of this. So have the lawyers who are going to make him pay for this, for fraud and for failing to educate.

      You can be in denial, all you want, but insiders plus professionals' selling is BAD NEWS is coming down the pike.

      Never trust a shil or an executive when you see this pattern.

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