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  • juryman07 juryman07 Aug 17, 2010 1:57 PM Flag

    Peter Sterling Sold 700,000 shares before decline

    Typical management shil red herring nonsense.

    Fact is APOL's big boss Sterling sold 700,000 right before GAO condemnation of his company was made public. It does not matter if he exercised options or not. He sold a massive number of shares with advance knowledge of the GAO report, I'm betting. That is illegal. He must not trade on material information before it is released. The SEC will here of this. So have the lawyers who are going to make him pay for this, for fraud and for failing to educate.

    You can be in denial, all you want, but insiders plus professionals' selling is BAD NEWS is coming down the pike.

    Never trust a shil or an executive when you see this pattern.

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    • This is great, some internet kid giving us his advice. For profit education is one of the most highly regulated industries out there, and the SEC is already looking into the company. Do you really think he is dumb enough to sell 700k shares with a open probe? You are one idiot who could actually benefit from education, have you given the University of Phoenix a thought?

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      • You all are idiots, if you look at the history for sales, John (founder) and Peter (son) always are selling options. The fact that you all think that he knew something was coming, is no more indication than anyone else in the ED stocks that have been investigated by the GAO. The best thing you all could do for this stock is to sell yours too and let it go back up. Did I say you all are idiots.

      • More red herrings. Look at evidence and decide. This looks like illegal insider trading and the lawyers will make sure SEC does its job. Shils for management want to avoid the facts. 700,000 shares sold by Sterling when he was privy to knowledge of GAO investigation and, obviously, the fraud findings they were about to report, sold when the public did not have access to the same information.


        APOL is run by a man who is fabulously wealthy, but he still wants more at expense of shareholders he sold to.

        That is illegal, immoral and your efforts to distract attention from the details with silly red herrigns show the type of people that run this company.

        The shareholders should be mad as hell at Sterling and his yeah-saying, toadying minions!

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