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  • Risk_Adverse_Trader Risk_Adverse_Trader Dec 16, 1999 10:02 AM Flag

    SOG I don't believe it

    APOL just keeps getting stronger and stronger and the stock keeps going lower and lower.
    This thing defies logic.

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    • Where do we cover... we are getting close to the 52 wk low... give us some guidance.

    • Take a look at the chart of SLVN. This sector is
      seriously ill and shows no signs of recovery. APOL and DV
      have been moving together and the outlook on these
      stocks are pretty bad.
      -"SSS"(Stay Strong Shorts)

    • If you are saying to buy it. How high will it go
      before it goes back down again. This has been a serious
      roller coaster. I'd like to get off of it when it's up,
      not down.
      Also, what is CPQ?

    • go for the ride each time it goes down


      get some options

      picked up feb 22.5 for 1 1/8

      it's all ready at 9/16 ask

      watch it double or triple before jan is over

    • Be nice and go play with the other the other
      CHILDREN at the nursery, us ADULTS have serious work to do
      here. 2 weeks ago I made $10,000 buy BUYING APOL and
      selling 3 days later. The only one who listens to YOU is
      YOU! PLEASE go away and leave us alone, we have money
      to make by NOT following your DRIVEL!

    • This is a great stock to trade for short term and
      you can make lots of money by listening to what I
      say. It's as easy as ABC.
      If you are long APOL,
      (1) sell APOL and buy CPQ. or (2) short APOL and try
      to make up your loss.
      If you are short APOL, (1)
      short more and maximize your profits and (2) tell your
      friends and relatives to buy CPQ.
      My sugar daddy
      chairman Greenspan yells, "Sell APOL." My sweet mommy Ms.
      Greenspan shouts, "Buy CPQ."

      -The most acclaimed
      market strategist on Wall St. The most criticized trader
      on this board: "TheSonOfGreenspan"

    • at these levels again! Something stinks big time
      here and I'm not sure what it is. Can't be profit
      taking because at this price who has profits. This truly
      is a sad day for APOL longs. To see a good companies
      stock get whipsawed the way this one has recently is
      depressing. My hope now is to get even at some point and to
      say a permanent goodbye to APOL's stock. It's rather
      obvious that this stock truly is not an investment
      anymore just a trading vehicle for short term , day and
      shorts. Of course the market makers are more than willing
      to accomodate these folks. It is almost criminal the
      way this stock has been traded recently!

    • On 12/17 you said, "27 will be hit within 3
      weeks". At $19, your bold prediction is looking a little
      shaky isn't it....

      I wish the best of luck to
      all the longs, but I can't stand folks like "mi99"
      trying to "hype" a stock up with their meaningless
      predictions. You're better off doing your own research rather
      than listening to the mega-posters.

    • FYI, from the recent EDGAR


      UOP's most recent Department of Education program
      review began in March 1997, and a final program review
      determination letter was received in July 1999. UOP
      satisfactorily responded to the findings in ED's program review
      report with no additional action required.

      January 1998, the Department of Education Office of the
      Inspector General ("OIG") began performing an audit of
      UOP's administration of the Title IV Programs. The team
      previously presented questions regarding UOP's
      interpretation of the "12-hour rule," UOP's distance education
      programs, and
      UOP's institutional refund obligations.
      UOP has received a draft report addressing these
      issues and is currently in discussion with the OIG and

      Although the Company believes that the
      OIG audit will be resolved without any negative
      impact on UOP's teaching/learning model, as with any
      program review or audit, no assurance can be given as to
      the final outcome since the matters are not yet
      resolved. Depending on the interpretation of the various
      regulatory requirements, any resulting liability to the
      Company from the final audit results will be recorded as
      an expense.


      Hmm. Well, for a
      company that was previously saying that everything's
      cool, this is somewhat of an abrupt change. Of course,
      some may see this as standard boilerplate legalese.
      However, I find it interesting that they are now
      acknowledging that the OIG audit may not pan out the way
      they've claimed, and in fact could cost them a few

      Anybody want to hazard a guess on what the draft report
      says? Does anyone have relationships with UoP folks who
      might be "in the know."

      If the draft report is
      good, why don't they say something? Their silence on
      the matter is deafening, not to mention

      The street may be responding to slower growth rates
      or some other issues than the OIG. However, as good
      ol' Fidelity says, know what you own.


    • Could you please explain what the "OIG results" are? Thanks.

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