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  • stladams stladams Mar 4, 2002 5:35 PM Flag

    Why the sharp drop 2 years ago?

    Browneyes, I think that was right about the time the bio-tec bubble burst. Run up a graph on any little bio and you'll see about the same drop ex. avii, atrx hgsi I owned em back then. Came about my agen shares via them buying out aquilla and arnx. I looked in to agen and rounded up my modest holding. You can blame Clinton and Blair, they made some speech back then about sharing of the mapping of the human genome, and that no one owned it or some BS. It spooked everybody out big time. AGEN still a good long term investment IMO. good luck

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    • Stop it. It's getting very tiresome hauling out "Clinton" every time someone needs to fix blame....Oops, maybe I can blame Clinton for my 17 yr old being a pain...maybe he's the reason my housekeeper cut back her hours. Oh, gosh, my battery died...must have been Clinton's fault. My portfolio rocketed up during his eight years...damn him for making me pay more tax on my big gains. Give it a rest. Clinton bashing is so over. You really need to move on.

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