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  • jabbonda jabbonda Jul 11, 2009 7:03 PM Flag

    Lets keep it real folks

    its a 1.50 stock with all there current impressive partners and promising news. A DOLLAR FIFTY. Lets wait and see before buying the Lamborghini. No bash intended.

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    • Antigenics
      Shares of Antigenics (AGEN) have traded down the mid-$1 level this week on no news and fairly light volume. Some investors who purchased shares during the spike to $3 have grown worried as the priced has slowly declined.

      I remind investors that, unless you are a swing / momentum / day trader, the day-to-day price swings of a mid to long term investment should not concern you. I purchased the majority of my shares in this company for sub $1, but I also bought at $2 and will undoubtedly purchase more, especially when I see where this current drop in price settles.

      QS-21 and Oncophage offer a lot of potential for Antigenics and its stock, especially while GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is working so closely with the company through an existing partnership.

      In the near-term, news of Russian reimbursement for Oncophage should hit the wires soon followed by a commercial launch of the product in that country shortly thereafter. Then, later this year the EMEA should issue their decision on European approval.

      Let's identify the risk:

      Oncophage does not gain traction in Russia and does not garner European approval.
      News on the progress of QS-21 is not encouraging.

      If those two things happen, then the stock drops to sub $.50 before possibly recovering longer term.

      The rewards, however, could be plentiful:
      Russian reimbursment and launch go according to plan.
      The EMEA approves the marketing, distribution and sale of Oncophage.
      QS-21 progresses.

      If any of those three events take place, AGEN will prove to be a solid investment. If two of the three take place then we're looking at a $5 stock for the short term, in my opinion.

      As time progresses, the effectiveness of cancer vaccines is looking better and better, as the last ASCO conference showed us, especially when used in patients who have less-progressed cancer. The biggest benefit of that success goes to the patients, but be assured, it will also be good to be an investor if the approval rumors start rolling in (see: Provenge, Dendreon (DNDN)).

      If you bought AGEN for prices above the current trading levels, average down as the stock drops if, through your DD, you still consider the stock a worthwhile investment.

      As for VFC, I'm averaging up right now- not something I like doing, but AGEN is on my list of a few 'cancer vaccine' companies that could become the next Dendreon.

      Sentiment : Strong Buy

    • Some bought the Lamborghini already from the .30cents all the way up to 3.Now they are looking for a private jet....No pump intended.

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      • these boards haven't change over the past decade, if you take advice from these boards, you are misguided and should stop trading, if you chat about stocks because you have something in common, you are being realistic and entertained...i personally have had my ups and downs but have learned along the way.

        for JABBONDA, you started off asking for a jump-in point but was skeptical due to ur losses on INSM, u should do ur DD and if ur sold buy a ticket but in the stock market NOTHING is guaranteed but don't doubt it or tout unless ur in the game, for fun sake.

      • Agen follower - I love your humor. I would love to someday meet you , Electric ,farmer and others. If we go to a shareholder meeting next year we should all go out for dinner. Would be a great time.

        It would even be fun to meet Voldemort and his side kick Vinny. No question - you won the bet with vinny with the DNDN bet.

      • Yeah, I am sure they wish it stayed at 3 because now they can`t answer the door because the creditors are banging, they want back the car.

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