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  • kenrp713 kenrp713 Aug 29, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    I think all us longs are frustrated with the price of this stock...

    I feel management has done a horrible job promoting this stock...the potential...all the while accumulating more shares, diluting, and padding their pockets. I think this is part of the reason for all our "conspiracy theories" as to who is here and for what reasons. I will say...I do have a motive for being here. I am writing a blog on this company - which I have owned for a long time. I can't believe it is still so undervalued. If management can't tell their story...maybe the rest of us can. My pen name is Riese Jones. I will finish my story this weekend and post it. I wanted to make sure the valuation I feel this company is worth - $1 billion+ is not so out of whack that I look like a fool. I will let you know when it is posted. Sorry for the harsh words before Ced...I'm not some "boiler room" guy...just a frustrated long who thinks the current stock price is ridiculous. It's very frustrating....

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    • is that you on motely fool? AAPL a sell after 700 and the post about the great recession? looks like you've been in a tought situation financially, yet you wont ditch the smart phone at a hefty monthly premium and drink lots of beer...and you leased your car. Not sure we want you to be the poster boy for agen.

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      • can criticize me al you least I have the courage to put it out there for criticism. I leased my car before and not knowing the company I was working for was going to go under and leave me unemployed...and before my divorce. I am a nobody. It is amazing I have been able to hang on and maintain my good credit. I go out with my friends once every couple weeks...need to do something to get out and not feel completely depressed. Why don't you kick me in the teeth for the dead baby too while you are at it. I'm not looking to be anyone's "poster child" can agree or disagree with all I post. I just think us shareholders have gotten hosed here and this company is undervalued as well as society can benefit from QS-21, HSP...maybe even HerpV (too soon to tell). That is kick me while I'm down if you so choose...

    • Wanna bring this seemingly interminable fiasco to a merciful and beneficial end?

      Use your blog or your boiler room or a stick of dynamite rammed up Garo's posterior to FORCE him to publicly open negotiations for QS21 & HSP (or the whole @#$% company).

      GSK, the world's 4th largest drug company, PROVED that it has an interest in doing so by paying $9,000,000 for the "First Right To Negotiate".

      Furthermore, the word "First" in "First Right To Negotiate" PROVES that GSK is convinced that other big pharmas are also interested.

      Garo must be FORCED to pursue these negotiations and, thereby, explore maximization of shareholder value which is his duty as the CEO of a publicly traded company.

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