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  • kenrp713 kenrp713 Sep 3, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

    Google RieseJones - article - thoughts

    Thanks Ced! I did my best to include the most important information and put the pieces together. I think we all need to tell the story here - AGEN management may be too tied by too many "undisclosed indications" and bound by contractual (or non contractual) reasons that tie their hands and keep them quiet (I have no other explanation for their silence and allowing this company to remain so undervalued).

    Any help getting the word about this company and their breakthroughs I believe is beneficial - to the shareholders, potential patients, and potentially society as a whole. If anyone sees the value in what I wrote - forward it to as many places as you can in order to get it in the hands of the right people and the public.

    "All it'll take is for one big shareholder to publicly demand that Garo exercise his fiduciary responsibility to maximize shareholder value by opening up buyout negotiations, using GSK's stated interest in doing so as a starting point.

    If and when that happens....the price will skyrocket!"

    I agree with you 100% Ced...the public and many smaller shareholders can do this too - we need to forward this article to as many places as possible to get the word out. Do you agree?

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    • Tremendous piece !! Thanks.
      A lot of us have been here two years and longer...myself included.
      We all agree that the posturing within the company is leading up to AGEN been bought out.
      I was firmly convinced of that over a year ago when Garo transferred his shares into his
      kids' trusts. A person thinks of doing that but doesn't actually do it unless there is something brewing.
      The question is....why is it taking so long ?? What are they waiting for ??
      There is a Biotech Conference in N.Y. this weekend. Both GALE (from Oregon) and
      IMUC (from Los Angeles) are coming. AGEN is not and they're from N.Y.
      They're not bothering to go to an industry meet and greet a few blocks away.. Why ?? Has a deal already been done ??

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      • I bought the bulk of my shares two and a half years ago around ASCO that year. I bought some more after the GSK announcement in March convinced a buy out was coming. Since management owns a great deal of shares of this company and obviously it is in their best interest to promote it and get the word only conclusion is...they can't...something is stopping them. If there truly is some manipulation here to keep this stock price down, I would say the one who benefits the most is GSK from such action. If something is amiss here - my article will get pulled. So I will say...make a copy of it to your word docs...just in case. In the meantime...get the word out and forward it everywhere. We are all in this together - the reality is...WE THE SHAREHOLDERS OWN THIS COMPANY. We can force negotiations out into the open and we should be kept in the shareholders, this is OUR COMPANY...WE OWN IT...Good luck to all

      • I stand corrected. Garo is going.

    • ken,

      I agree completely.

      I have an email I've been sending to journalists, financial media types and (hedge/mutual) funds asking them to investigate why Garo isn't utilizing the rare leverage which has been handed to him by GSK.

      As AGEN is NOT a privately held company, Garo really doesn't have the right to summarily ignore this opportunity. His responsibility is to pursue it on behalf of shareholders and report back to us regarding his progress.

      And he has long since squandered any "benefit of the doubt" he may once have enjoyed in a matter such as this.

      It's obvious that GSK is trying to give AGEN the HGSI treatment. But, Garo hat the ability to stop them in their tracks. It's time for someone to FORCE him to do so!

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      • Ken,

        I also loved (LOVED!!) your article. But aren't you part of a larger group ( like Motley Fool -- is that what I read?), that you would be able to see it published to a much larger audience? I don't know how that works -- so I ask.

        As for pushing Garo to do something now -- I just don't know that that's the best course. I am as frustrated as anyone else with the price action of the stock, to be sure, but I also believe that as the trial results come in at the end of this year and next ... we are so darn close!!! ... why force an issue when all the world will see the potential at that time. I hate to leave money on the table and feel that is exactly what would happen if negotiations began at this time.

        What I'd prefer to see, and maybe this was part of your point Ced, are more PR's detailing the advances AGEN's making and specifying when updates will be released. Either the company then sticks to the schedule or announces why it couldn't be met and revises the schedule at that time. Perhaps they could persuade Ken to come on board -- he certainly has a talent for explaining Agen's virtues in laymen's terms!

        Thanks fellas.