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  • kajalnp kajalnp Sep 14, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    we need our old long supporter

    Long time no one posted anything. I do follow your post. Any news/update or anything, keep posting, I know, we will reach our target one day.

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    • I'm always here, since 2005.
      It's a calm waiting time, nothing to say. nothing to write.

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    • Kajalnp,

      I think most longs are either disenfranchised or tired of the MB, the stock to some degree because we're old and tired. I have learned that anymore, posting an opinion turns into a crybaby paradise about how people are misled and deceived. I figured the brokerages did that and investment advisors, not people on the MB. I have been refraining from posting not to hurt any feelings. Most good friends all communicate through email, much more favorable to share our thoughts, opinions and sometimes outrageous beliefs.

      Most of us bought AGEN in hope or belief, we hold our position, frustrated or not, in hopes or belief. Most don’t hold because we’re too deep, I don’t subscribe to that. I believe that when you hate something, you get rid of it no matter how bad the loss, because you know it simply won’t improve. Bad car, bad job, bad wife, bad underwear, it all comes and goes, ultimately you don’t stick with something you don’t believe in. People should feel free to speak positively about AGEN in between their bad days and be proud of it, they own it. These MBs in general are filled with the most negative holders I have ever seen. It’s ours and we frankly helped build it (just like Obama says) and help decide how far it goes with our investment. I say “we” as in shareholders in general. I always say, if you don’t like it, get the F out. My words in old age are no different than in young. Life is too short to sit with something that brings you down.

      I am still here and will not go away until I feel greater good has been accomplished by technology that I believe in. It may be $10, it may be $1000 per share, doesn’t matter. I thrive on the health and wellness aspect, if Garo got into this to become wealthy, he’s a stupid fool. Look how well that worked for him. He makes a pittance of money compared to CEOs running 100mm mcap companies. I believe in AGEN, yes, I am frustrated with Garo, but I also don’t know everything that happens behind closed doors and am not in his shoes. He's not making carmel apples, he's trying to attack some of the most aggressive diseases man has ever come to know. This company will do well, very well. It has already started, look at the recognition on a public platform that we never have seen before. Look at the advancement in technology that never really existed before. Look at GSK, a giant in anyone’s mind, dropping some cash in our direction for specific rights. We’re close, very close. I would argue we are closer than we have ever been and the day is upon us very soon. I don't think years, I think months. It’s going to be a great few months to come for all of those that believe. If you’re not a subscriber to belief and just look at technicals and the straight science, you should also be fine. So it dropped another 10% this week, I love the cheap shares. Most of us are here to see the true value pay off, the human factor, the reward won't be 10-100% gains, rather 500-1000% gains, just IMO. Remember that HSP can stretch further than your imagination, QS21 hasn't even scratched the surface. It's not just about what we see, but rather what we can't see, yet.

      That’s it for my Saturday morning rant. I hope all longs and new comers, even the people like Monish and some others that despise me for every speaking my mind or giving MB advice are well and wish you all the best. This marks about my 6th year in AGEN as a shareholder and I have zero regrets.


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      • 8 Replies to samuelroby25
      • "He makes a pittance of money compared to CEOs running 100mm mcap companies."

        That´s not true!
        Here some examples of Total Executive Compensations for 2011.

        Total Comp: $ 3.794.335
        Market Cap: $ 110M

        Total Comp: $ 4.105.916
        Market Cap: $ 1.869M

        Total Comp: $ 2.604.141
        Market Cap: 117M

        Total Comp: $ 4.757.538
        Market Cap: $ 487M

        Total Comp: $ 3.122.476
        Market Cap: $ 352M

        Total Comp: $ 2.454.147
        Market Cap: $ 142M

        Total Comp: $ 4.549.360
        Market Cap: $ 452M


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      • Thanks for saying this Sam. Garo is not overpaid...he's really a minimum wage for his position. BTW, DenVax, the promising Sanofi dengue fever vaccine has QS-21 in it. 12 years holding.

      • Samuel and all longs ,
        I agree with the posts . AGEN is really coming to its pivotal point where it transitions from an R&D company to a company that will generate revenues. I think GSK Mage A3 will be big for AGEN - we will then cross over the Jordan river into the promised land . If successful , HerpV will make this stock unbelievably successful - we have a small float .

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      • ...there you go again...1000% gains....hydro smoking....don't you see?...Garo changed his estimates on QS21 to one hundred million if all goes perfectly from many hundreds of millions....what is wrong with you?

      • Been here 2.5 years myself...holding...still holding. Wrote my positive beliefs about it in the article I wrote and shared with all here. Longs will have their day...Wall Street will reflect the true value and potential of this company at some point. We (shareholders) have never been closer than we are right now.

        Thanks for your post Sam - I have enjoyed your commentary and comments over the years - I have a lot of respect for you. - Riese Jones

      • Well said, Sam. Like you, I am also a long time holder ... since 2008, I believe. I feel the same frustration and am finally at that point where I watch the ticker and know people are just playing the thing. One day they will be playing .... catchup. Hopefully it'll be just as you say ... for 500-1000% gains.

        All the best!


      • Sam: I greatly appreciate your reply. Since , I bought in 3000 shares in first lot, around 4 years back and keep collecting which is my biggest portion of my portfolio.
        Keep posting, it's your opinion; it's up-to person, how she/he interpret it. I believe what you said, it's just matter of time; but, I am not sure how long.

        As you said..."I don't think years, I think months. It’s going to be a great few months to come for all of those that believe." I hope your prediction may come true.

      • Sam - A little wordy, as usual, but I love yours posts. Blunt and heartfelt. Everyone deserves opinions and we all get to speak the way we desire, thus why the USA is just so damn good. Great to see your posts and wish you'd do some more with other thoughtful long-timers.

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