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  • pedmac2000 pedmac2000 Nov 13, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    latest resulsts on Agenus website

    one shoud read the whole article , i believe i will continue to buy at these low levels................. snippet of report"Agenus’ QS-21 adjuvant is an important component contained in a substantial number of GSK’s
    vaccines currently in clinical development, including four GSK programs that are in Phase 3
    studies. Agenus is entitled to receive milestone payments as QS-21-containing programs advance,
    as well as royalties for 10 years after commercial launch, with some exceptions.

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    • I tried to post this a couple times but guess my references and links caused a rejection. One last time:

      Why all the headlines about Phase III results being lower than expected? Looking at the published information, you have to agree that the Phase III results are in-line and that they prove that the RTS,S vaccine is cost effective.

      Look at the malaria vaccine org website for the results and note that these results were achieved on top of existing malaria interventions, such as insecticide-treated bed nets used by 75% of the 5-17 month old children and 86% of the 6-12 week old infants in the control group.

      Then look at the huffingtonpost article millions-spent-on-bednets to see that in 2005, $1.8 Billion was spent just on insecticide-bed-nets.
      And look at the thecochranelibrary website to see that these existing malaria interventions provided only 17% protective efficacy.

      Seems obvious the vaccine is needed as soon as possible and is a very cost effective tool that will save millions of dollars of the current cost of treating the infected.

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      • I agree :It is not as good as they thought but I still see this as a remarkable improvement over what is available and great news for those who have to worry about Malaria (and there have been cases of in the US recently). I wish they'd stop headlining with "Bummer" and "Disapointment". They love drama and bad news sells better than good news so they spin it that way, but the real story is still positive. With climate change the number of mosquitoes is increasing, and we have over 1000 cases of Malaria now in the US per year.

        According to Medicalnewstoday (dotcom) article published today: "When administered along with standard childhood vaccines,[2] the efficacy of RTS,S in infants aged 6 to 12 weeks (at first vaccination) against clinical and severe malaria was 31% and 37%,[3] respectively, over 12 months of follow-up after the third vaccine dose.[4] Insecticide-treated bed nets were used by 86% of the trial participants, which demonstrated that RTS,S provided protection beyond existing malaria control interventions. The efficacy observed with RTS,S last year in children aged 5-17 months of age against clinical and severe malaria was 56% and 47%, respectively. Follow-up in this Phase III trial will continue and is expected to provide more data for analyses to better understand the different findings between the age categories.

        Dr. Abdulla added: "The efficacy is lower than what we saw last year with the older 5-17 month age category, which surprised some of us scientists at the African trial sites. It makes us even more eager to gather and analyze more data from the trial to determine what factors might influence efficacy against malaria and to better understand the potential of RTS,S in our battle against this devastating disease. We were also glad to see that the study indicated that RTS,S could be administered to young infants along with standard childhood vaccines and that side effects were similar to what we would see with those vaccines."

        If 650000 infants are dying yearly and this only saves 1/3 of them, who is to decide this isn't effective. How about considering, instead of 100% efficacy, what is sufficient improvement. One in three odds are better than none. I had a friend who caught Hep C from a blood transfusion about 10 years ago and he was debilitated. He could no longer work. He decided to undergo Kemo which has only a 30% efficacy when it comes to curing Hep C. He opted anyway and it worked for him. His life is back to normal and he is working and living. A vaccine is not as much of a trial as Kemo and is worth the added 30% chance of immunity.

        According to a CBS Philly article from earlier this year :
        PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - " There are approximately 300 million cases of malaria each year worldwide and over a million people die every year as a result. You might be surprised that there are about 1200 cases every year here in the US.

        One of the reasons why we are starting to see cases here in the United States is because of global climate change. We are expected to have a temperature increase of 0.4 degrees Celsius in the next eight years. This might not seem like a lot but it can lead to a thirty percent increase in mosquitos worldwide.

        Mosquitos spread malaria but there is another problem as well. Malaria is becoming resistant to treatment. "

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    • NOTHING TO LAUNCH, THAT I AM AWARE OF ????????????????

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