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  • swissquotee swissquotee Jan 11, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Pipeline top, share flop...

    I don't remember i see this befor !


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    • We think and we hope that the pipeline is TOP, however, until we get the Mage-3a and herpes zoster results from GSK we don't know. Big Investors wont take the gamble, so are waiting to see, if good, we are off to the races. Expect some investors to even step in on good PII HerpV results, but results have to be real good. The recurrent PII G-200 trial that is about to get under way with the consortium using avastin, if the results are good, could be good enough for registration, results have to be good, trial will run for 2.5 years.

      Mage-3a won't be complete till the second half of the we wait....this trial has now been pushed out a year from when we were originally told the results would be available. Event Driven. Was enrollment delayed thereby pushing the end date out...or are people living longer?

      Monish expects big money to jump on board, take the risk as we await mage-3a, but everyone knows this simply is not going to happen right? Big money will only move in once the results are made public an this is not going to happen until this fall, at the earliest. Dilution is going to occur in the next six months.

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      • The problem is that no one here knows when PRs will hit. A lot of things are event-driven and the longer we wait the better the results.
        Popping in and out of AGEN is not what you want to do. A good PR gets us to 5.00 and then to 7.00 in a heartbeat. That's nearly a 100% gain from here. Who wants to miss that ???
        I'm content to sit and wait and let the market come to us.

      • What I don't understand is that a company like 'pickers Perigrene can trade close to two million shares a day, while having nothing beyond PII in their pipeline, and here we sit with less than a tenth of that on a daily basis. Why has the investing public shied away from agen? You would think that gsk's investment would make us attractive as an investment yet all that 9 mil got us was anchored in place, which is what I had expected it would. Armen is doing something wrong and we just don't see it. I only hope that he hasn't wasted some opportunities that could have enhanced shareholder value.

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