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  • hlembert hlembert Oct 27, 2004 12:04 PM Flag

    Health Canada OKs New MedMira Rapid HIV

    Health Canada OKs New MedMira Rapid HIV Test

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    • "The board fries him" Imo, in retrospect, I guess the proper comment would be "stop trading" temporarily. The sarcastic comment I made is something I would and have said to myself in that situation.
      Although a loss in the market should in itself be a realitiy check, often it is not enough. I am in this stock trading contest (play dough, 100k) and we can see each others trades.
      Here is a common theme, what starts out as prudent money management (small trades 5-20k) as players lose more money the risks they take on become bigger.
      The trades in the second week are 50, 60, 70k on one trade. Not everyone, but enough to confirm the psychology that we have a gambling mentality. The losses become worse, now you have to use margin, to keep putting on the big trades. If you should recoup any of your losses, this only re-enforces the strategy.
      Your trading becomes focused on the money and not on carefull stock selection and the patience of letting time work for you.

    • Upandup00, the previous message was not for you.


    • Rairden pours his heart out. His speculative investments went bankrupt, his OSUR down 30%, his medicals disastrous, and Merck went beserk. And what's his reward for opening up? The board fries him.

      Not cool.

      Hey, concerning stock picking and investing, I think most of you guys and gals have more on the ball than I have. What do you say you share some of that wisdom with Rairden? You don't have to write a whole book here, nor try to impress anyone. But a good usable tip or two would be a nice thing to do. I don't mean what stock to invest in, I mean stock picking/buying/selling, etc.

      So? In this long silent wait for the 11/2 CC and other news catalysts, why not share with us your top secret, can't-miss, sure-fire investing tip?



    • I would further suggest an assistant to carry the money to the bank. Wouldn't want to lose any on the way.

    • based on your track record you would probably be better off in bank certificates of deposit and land. but at least your honest.

    • "It will do fine in the long run."

      Most of my speculative investments have gone
      bankrupt in the long run. Down 30 percent since
      my first OSUR purchase and continuing to average
      down, this "investment" appears to be flirting
      with the same fate. My medicals have been uniformly
      disastrous. Even my "safe" issues, like Merck,
      have proceeded to disappoint. I'm banking on
      OSUR to break my losing streak. One real winner
      can heal a portfolio single-handedly, but I'd
      be very happy to see even a modest gain here.
      I've enjoyed all your posts.

    • Where can I read more info on this? Thanks in advance.

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