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  • nntthhddss nntthhddss Aug 11, 2006 2:47 AM Flag

    the street

    I keep seeing the potential future positives for osur being sited in other posts. The institutions that sold 5 million shares yesterday know about these potential sources of future revenue. For this selloff to take place with less than 2 months to go before a budget that should allocate between 5-20mil to purchase oraquick and right before new cdc guidelines is frightening. I think it indicates that the street no longer has ANY confidence in Doug Michels and his management team to deliver growth in any form, reguardless of the future positives. The new guidance has proven once and for all to the street that the current management is not capable of taking this company to the next level and never will be. No wonder Douglas has been so busy selling this past year. Since June 22 2005 Michels has sold $603,374 worth of his own company. His performance surely deserves such massive payout. Doug single handedly managed to undercut his own shareholders while dismally leading his company into the hills- AT THE SAME TIME, bravo Douglas. Maybe he does know what he's doing.

    Total amount of dispositions since nov 5 2005 by 5 other OSUR honchos $315,518.

    -its about time we start getting what we've been paying for

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    • in the 3 1/2 yrs that I have been a stockholder I haven't said a word about the wisdom of any moves going in (I may have been negative about the secondary, but I don't remember expressing that view). I've second guessed and criticized after the fact, after problems have surfaced. criticism has been called for; years of managements efforts produced the earnings statements so far this year. x the cash, we are probably lucky the price isn't lower than $4.50. yes we still have positive cash flow, but if that were to change or there is so much as one more piece of big negative news, the very thin ice that is supporting this company will break and the next stop on the sinking stock price will be right around tangible book value. that could easily happen-- several very profitable (and high cash flow) radio group stocks are trading close to book value now because of rapidly decelerating growth. sound familiar?

    • myssotis, you don't seem to be reluctant to partake in second guessing management on everything else. Could it be that they got the best deal that there was to be had on these partnerships?

      By the way, taking cash into consideration,the stock is down to $4.50 per share. That's crazy.

    • The other thing that is quite typical in these situations is that people begin hoping for a buyout to save their butts. I don't hear that cavalry bugle anywhere in the background. Pure speculation and hope for salvation.

    • Every time a company's stock gets pummeled, someone is going to blame "management." I listended to the CC again and don't see that as the primary problem, if a problem at all. There's competition involved, and likely unfair competition at this point, from a major pharmeceutical company. Not surprising, given the huge potential of what OSUR has to offer. JMO

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      • your analysis is completely superficial. yes, the stock got pummeled; because big investors reassessed their investment based on the accelerating slowdown in growth. management is absolutely to blame. when management is successful they take all the credit and enjoy huge financial rewards; when management screws up they must take the blame. pure and simple. they or you don't get to blame something else. one of their primary functions is to ANTICIPATE future conditions and avoid any pitfalls that lie ahead.

    • I totally agree. Aside from being incompetent,he spends most of his time on self enrichment. I am so discouraged with the entire stock market. Even when you do find a company with a good idea, you have to watch mngt rape and pillage and of course say the opposite.

    • If i were a short seller i would be very nervous now, very nice rebound on the way

    • in my opinion this message is dead on accurate. furthermore, the upcoming events that many are counting on to bail out management could prove to be far less beneficial to the company in the near term than hoped for. but the board must do something concrete to halt the erosion of investor confidence now; touting future possibilities is wholly inadequate at this point. the only concrete action the board can take now to restore investor confidence, short of selling the company, is a partial management shake-up coupled with a reorganization of the management structure, its information flows, and reporting systems. what we have now is a failed enterprise.

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