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  • pesotrader pesotrader May 9, 2010 11:24 PM Flag

    Buy OSUR ?

    no real short-interest here and OSUR seems to do well on big rally days. I predict 6% up today by end of day. if OSUR opens up less than 2% pre-market, I'll buy a little then buy more at 9:30am opening bell for a swingtrade. over 5%, I'll take a pass. anyone else plan to trade it today ?


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    • you always know it's a great time to buy stocks when people say, "this time it's different..."

      personally, i'm just waiting for the next inevitable world war to drive production.

    • what is happening now in Greece and Thailand will eventually happen here in USA. also, the chinese man who was pushed to the brink of insanity and hacked up school children is just the beginning. sadly

      many americans are surviving on the 99-week extended unemployment benefits which are going to run out for most later this year. what happens when 10-million unemployed, uninsured, and soon after homeless get angry enough at fat-cat bankers buying $100-million paintings when they can't even afford a meal ?

      a glimpse at the future:
      . stock market is renamed Trump Casino
      . every homeowner buys multiple guns
      . crime against persons increases 5000%
      . violence against spouses triples
      . child abuse soars along with mental instability
      . public protests and riots in the streets
      . prisons must release gang members to hold housewives
      . the "Survivor" TV show becomes a reality show
      . social security and medicare go bankrupt
      . US debt makes China our permanent landlord
      . Californians sneak across the border into Mexico for jobs
      . Orasure management keeps paying outrageous bonuses
      . All stocks trade for 1-cent

      although some points above are made in humor, ther is no denying that there will be a major disaster when millions are cutoff from unemployment and yet cannot find jobs. the EU won't be able to save the USA when that happens and China just won't help at all.

      sell SOUR
      buy SWHC


    • No disagreements on my side. If one is holding on to this stock for the long teerm then the time to buy is they day OTC approval is received and lock in what ever profits there might be on the surge.

      As you the fake lower guidence, that goes back to the BOD failing to do their job of oversight and ensuring their management team is working to build value for the invetor. Which then goes back to the SEC failing to over see regulations that have been implemented which goes back to the USA having the best government for sale. Until term limits are implemented and campaign finance reform are implemented the country is screwed from both with-in and out side influences.

      By the way Peso, did I mention how good the view is from the top of this soapbox?

    • jury verdicts all across the country are huge and all it will take is one single lawsuit and Orasure will be bankrupt...but don't worry cause the stock will plunge as soon as the first lawsuit is filed.

      a simple false-positive lawsuit might only result in the loss of a potential lover/wife, yet I can guarantee a jury will award millions in damages.

      it is very common for the FDA to send a non-approval letter during the first round and ask for more data. from following the biotech industry for years, it seems the only companies that get a round-1 approval are the big pharma. almost everyone else fails first round approval.

      but aside from the FDA delays and lawsuits, it's the lack of moral fiber in Orasure management that concerns me. By that I mean, after all the losses and screwups (of which there have been many) that harmed shareholders, these basturds still have the nerve to issue "fake" (intentionally lower) guidance just so that they can collect their stock option awards and bonus payments. That's immoral imo.

    • Don't get me wrong Peso, findout HIV will ostrisize a person from their community. I was just stating that the FDA might consider approving and let OSUR worry about any false positives and the resulting consquences. And the differnece here is the HCV positives were positives because some doc screwed up big time if we are talking about the same thing where a doc infect thousands of people by re-using needles. Here a false positive is just going to cause emotional trama unlike actually contracting HCV which can kill you.

      As for the FDA actually moving forward and approving now as opposed to delaying like they did for the last 30 yrs; well let's se, the masses voted for change didn't they? Isn't this just the sort of change the masses would like to see??? OK, I see your point now, the masses are forced to wait another 30 years!!!!!

    • I am waiting for the next drop in share price...below 6.30 before I buy back in.

      I was not thrilled about the consumption of cash and cash equivalents this quarter. Not only did they post a non-profit, they also contracted a bit.

      Will HCV save them? Can they deliver on OTC products?

      • 2 Replies to mphasetech
      • with this company, everything is "coming soon" but in reality it takes them years and meanwhile they give themselves performance bonuses. did you question why they issue lower forward guidance? cause these clowns intentionally set the bar so low that they can beat their estimates and give themselves stock grants and bonuses. a stinky scam against shareholders.

        only HIV/OTC can save this company from just being a dull and basically one-trick pony biotech. once HIV/OTC gets FDA approval, the stock IMO will soar. then once it hits the shelves, numerous consumer lawsuits (false positive, suicide, etc) will kill all earnings potential.

        OSUR dropped during the recession due to high unemployment resulting in fewer tests being performed (newhires, insurance, etc) and it rose without any real earnings improvements. by my thinking, OSUR should still be a $3 stock because unlike other companies reporting stellar earnings this one is still deep in the red.

        if you have a long-term horizon and can endure the boredom and lack of visibility into HIV or HCV study progress, it and wait...maybe it will hit $7-8 again without dropping back below $4

        history shows they cannot deliver on earnings, timelines, manufacturing quality/stability, shareholder disclosures, city testing projects, overseas sales (e.g. madagascar), etc. sorry, but this company has a new/unexpected crisis every 6-months at least yet management never misses a beat on their own stock grants or bonus plans.

        imo, OSUR was/is a quick trade opportunity when market conditions are ripe. otherwise, it's a damm lousy long-term investment.


      • Sorry, I meant 5.30...the overall market is too pricey right now.

    • sorry folks, I tried to be positive on OSUR and it didn't work so like George Costanza, I'm now gonna say the opposite. I bet OSUR rises on my negative sentiment now. LOL



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