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  • rick60930 rick60930 Jul 10, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    The Problem with OSUR OTC HIV Pt 3

    Oral Fluid Procedure

    Ensure prior to testing that the subject has not had anything to eat, drink or has chewed gum for at least 15 minutes. Have the subject wait for at least 30 minutes prior to testing if they have used any oral care products.

    Remove the device from the pouch. DO NOT allow touching of the flat pad. Check to make sure that an absorent packet is included with the device . If no absorbent packet is present....discard the device and obtain a new pouch for testing.

    Place the flat pad of the device above the teeth against the outer gum. Gently swab competely around the outer gum, both upper and lower, one time around, using the Flat Pad. Do NOT allow the user to swab the roof of the mouth, the inside of the cheek or the tongue. Both sides of the Flat Pad may be used during the procedure.

    Step 2
    Insert the flat pad of the device all the way into the Vial. Make sure that the flat pad touches the bottom of the Vial. The result window on the device should be facing toward you.
    Start timing the test. Do not remove the Device from the vial while the testing is running. Pink fluid will appear and travel up the result window. the pink fluid will gradually disappear as the test develops. Read the results after 20 minutes but not more than 40 minutes in a fully lighted area.
    Read the test result and interpretation of test results section of the package insert. friends....this isnt going to be a pregnancy test.....there is so much that can go wrong....if 8 out of a 100 will give a false negative.....and one out of 5000 a false positive under clinical test conditions....I cant imagine the steps above that wont be followed and result in a false result.

    This will cost about 50.00 bucks...Im sure.....but if you think people are going to be flocking to the drug store to buy one...I think not...
    Most will go to their physicians office where they can get insurance to pay for the test, for one thing.

    But you form your own opinion.

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