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  • mill869 mill869 Feb 11, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Great products wrong management?

    Hi All,
    I've been following this company and have owned stock for many years now. I've anxiously awaited every significant milestone and have been very patient through all the stock fluctuations. I really thought that FDA approval of the OTC rapid HIV test would do great things for the stock. Now I'm wondering if the current management team just doesn't have the ability to make this a profitable company? Any thoughts about the next year or so? Worth hanging in there? Will the company get bought given all the great potential that they have? Or do they need to be profitable before they get bought?

    Best of luck to all the longs on this board!

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    • everyone who has bought in, has suffered loss. The only question is how big of a loss. At this current price, if you sell, you might as well give it away for free. Crammer and his turds recommended buy along with CEO appearing on Mad Money when this was $12. Now, after they sold, they bashed this company to a sell rating, fishing the bottom again.

      Along with many people who held on this far, why sell now, we have lost about 50% already. There is potential for buyout and the sells may pick up once these lazy slobs of management decides to put some effort in advertisement.

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      • Since you are now in a high risk, speculative stock.....and if I were you .....I would think twice about staying in it. Since it is now speculative money....I would get out and put it into one that is on the verge of breaking CEMI or VRSEF. Both are waiting for news from the FDA that will more than likely double the price. CEMI Is now at 5.70 and VRSEF is at .60.

        Im sure this will generate a negative post from the Peso man and Richt22....but I would ignore them as they are traders ...not investors....Previous posts by them indicate that they have been totally self centered and advising investors in the wrong direction with OSUR. See "PESO - Your August Predictions". OSUR is unfortunately a lost cause at this juncture. I will be getting back into it only when it reaches 3 but only if the management is let go.

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