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  • cameleonman cameleonman Feb 26, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    OK, this has to be the entry point

    Nadir of the five year history is around 4. I highly doubt that we would ever approach $4/sh (psychologically this is what investors anticipate on loading up but it will never get there). The peak is $14/sh. Hence, the risk of buying at these level is losing 20% but the reward is the sky. This company is so close to having a positive cash flow, no debt, with lots of cash. It's a definate buy with very little risk at this point. The reward size and time depends on how aggressive management decides to advertise.

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    • wow, even at these abysmal level, no support?? The banks that own millions of shares don't even support? wow!!! is all I can say.

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      • did you hear today about the baby that was supposedly cured of HIV by aggressive treatment at birth ?
        this news potentially could someday drive 100% mandatory HIV testing at birth... to cure HIV cases
        and eliminate a lifetime of care. MMs will drive OSUR stock down to cleanse the ranks of retail investors
        much the same as happened right before the BPAC panel meeting. watch and I'll bet in the next few
        months we see some politicians talking about the need to expand HIV testing at birth. meanwhile,
        the wallstreet game continues... slam it down, accumulate. under $5 is when I'll start watching this
        one more closely.

    • I totally agree....I've owned OSUR for many many years and I'm sticking with it. I've been adding this week and will continue to add. I'll admit, after the drop, I'm in the red big-time, but I'm still a believer and will be adding. I can't imagine any "bad news" that could strike them. It sounds like the FDA continues to discuss OTC HIV test with them and there have been very few complaints from users.

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      • Orasure also has blood quick test which would allow quicker test after the presumed exposure. If I was the CEO I would push for the serum test kit OTC. Just like diabetes, you can stick your finger for a drop of blood and read your blood sugar level, why can't you do the same for HIV? As long as the needle retracts back into a safe compartment, then it should be safe. Serum test allows earlier detection of antibodies, instead of 3 months wait with oral fluid after the presumed exposure.

      • Yeah I've been saying that for weeks, and yet this POS keeps going lower.

        One of these days, it's gonna gap up big on some news. But who knows when that's gonna happen?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Everyone is concentrating on Oraquick otc but another major development is the rapid Hep C diagnostic test. Currently, Hep C is diagnosed through serum which could take days, if not weeks. With this Rapid Hep C available in clinics and Hospitals, Hep C status could be determined within hours. The question is how cheap and reliable is this test compared to the traditional lab.

        Hep C can cause Liver Failure and Liver cancers, chronic carriers alot of time are unaware of infective status and live normal lives until they infect others. This new rapid Hep C and really be another major income to Osur

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