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  • rick60930 rick60930 Mar 28, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    New Campaign (continued)

    Well....I have to admit I agree with syslak and next stop. The OTC product is priced for the yuppy college kids who can BARELY afford it (39.00).....They sell it at drug stores and pharmacies where working people shop but not the ghetto dwellers. .....and now trying to advertise and communicate to the ghettos thinking thats where there is a preponderance of the desease. If they are thinking that their market is the ghetto...then they better lower the price to 10.00 or under, sell it in convenience stores, condum machines, low end clubs, bars, and candy machines.

    This product is not goingto fly like this.....I am now convinced more than ever that this price is going to below 3.00...and Michaels is out the door soon.

    This is as bad as the lies about Obamacare saving us all 2500.00 per year.....

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    • while I totally agree their marketing campaign is wrong, I also think you are sadly uninformed about the need for this to product's price to match that of a candy bar. how ridiculous. yuppy college kids in my area are all driving $30,000+ cars and paying $750-1200 rent using parents money. maybe you have funding issues... but the college kids certainly do not. the problem with Orasure has always been Doug Michels and Ron Spair. they have the right product, but the wrong management. price at $39 is quite reasonable for this OTC product. if someone wants to sacrifice quality and vend their product like candy bars, then CEMI is your play.

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      • Somehow we need the government or insurance companies to jump on board and pay for this test. That is the only way to hit the "ghetto" population. What I would like to see happen is Oraquick be sold OTC but behind the Pharmacy counter. That way when someone wants to buy the product, they hand their insurance card (or medicaid coupon) to the pharmacist to be "run through" like a prescription. Medicaid patients get it free and insurance holders pay $10 copay but Orasure is getting paid in full. This is the only way I see this working out.....I wish management would think of this. I'm still a buyer at these prices since I believe once management figures out how to sell it, its going to skyrocket....!!

      • I knew I could count on your reply Peso.....Have been waiting for you.

        You are missing the point. The college kids arent the problem with the aids. They arent going to go get tested for anything because 1) the percentage of college kids with HIV is so extremely low. 2) because they arent going to go spend their money on anything like a diagnostic test unless they feel that burning sensation between their legs. 3) Condoms are cheaper. 4) Orasure is now marketing to the Ghetto bongers.....That will turn off the college yuppies Im afraid.

        Sure the college kids have money....and the car and the rent. I did too....My kids did when they were in college....but the point is Michels is so screwed up and confusing everyone as to who they are marketing to.....the college kids with no desease problem and a lot of money or the ghetto bongers with the desease and no money to buy the 39.00 product .

        It wont sell like this. Believe it or not ...we do agree on the Michels "THING" being the problem here.

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    • AMEN!!!

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