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  • fasttruk fasttruk May 2, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    Don't do as I do but...

    Do your own research and make money like me. I bought today 1k at $4.30 and I will buy 1k tomorrow at either +/- $.05 and I will buy 1k Monday at +/- $.05 from Fri and Tuesday at +/- .05 from Monday. Then I will sell for a big profit after the 8th. Don't give me this bull about being short blah blah blah. Everyone here is only long after buying high.
    Good luck to all.

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    • 1000 sold at $5.00. I don't like the outcome of those numbers. Good luck to everyone

    • you have that right. I will be the one to ADMIT in at $ 6.10. Not a happy camper.

    • Done, thank you for the heads up! This company has an important product that is now ready for prime-time and it is trading new its 52 week low and at just under 3x cash (do they really have zero debt???). Down here they should be an ideal acquisition target for anyone up to around $6.

      BTW, October $2.50 options are trading low enough to be an alternative to the stock. I could see them trading that low if the company paid out dividends, but it doesn't. Today I almost bought June $2.50 contracts only to find the October contracts selling for the same price... DOH! Who does that? Are there machines involved?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • you can't judge the value of this company based on cash, especially since that cash just came from a massive stock issue that harmed shareholders. as best as i recall, orasure has only had a profit in one quarter for the past 9-10 years and that was back when the CDC was making bulk purchases. years ago, they had $100M cash and it continued to shrink until suddenly they bought DNA, launched OTC/HIV, then came back to pickpocket shareholders. as a medical-device company with very low growth and ongoing losses, no way this company is worth more than 2x sales from a pure valuation perspective. investors want growth and orasure can't give it... that imo is why the stock is currently at the mercy of MMs as investors look elsewhere. big pharma doesn't want orasure... abbott terminated its sales relationship and said this area was "low growth" and not worth their time. big pharma wants to own the treatment drugs cause that's where the profits are, so don't expect an acquisition here.

        remember: this is NOT a value trade or a long-term investment stock. this IS a "news event" (catalyst) stock and should be played primarily that way for the best chance at profits. the only saving grace is that shorts don't play the stock and options are uninteresting... so retail longs only need do battle with themselves and MMs.


      • If you did like I did you made some money. Do your own research on SCIO and if you decide to buy, I suggest you buy under .81. Good luck to all.

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