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  • kevinvests kevinvests May 14, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    Tips for management:

    1) try to sell Hep C diagnostics to clinics, has to beat price of serum test though. Lots of Hep C in the world and lots of potential profits here. Especially asian markets.

    2) Advertise Oraquick better by having posters of Magic Johnson at CVS and Walgreen, it's cheap and reaches targeted audience. People who go to pharmacies are looking for stuffs.

    3) If possible, try to cut cost of Oraquick kit. Alot of useless waste of papers in the kit, get rid of most to cut cost. Then reduce your sell price in order to draw in buyers.

    4) Participate in HIV campaingns, AIDS walk, or HIV awareness and give those out for free. It's free advertisement and publicity. Go to college campuses and do HIV awareness and issue out free kits or sell those kits there, perhaps student discounts. Hire a couple of salerep and have them drive from campus to campus, and national campaigns. How much does that cost? A few 100k of salaries and traveling expenses?

    5) TV commercials on stations that no one watches, you might as well not advertise at all. TV commercial is only good when you do it on heavily watched programs and stations, and air more frequently which will cost alot. BEst bet is campaigns and posters at the drug stores-- cheap and all you need is manpower.

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    • Management: anoher tactic in fights against aids. Try to convince some organization or our government to reimburse a small portion for buying this test. LIke a rebate through some agencies.

    • Once the price is this low, someone will come in and accumulate and make a bid. It's just the scam of Wallstreet. The only hope for short term gain, we are in this for a long long long time.....

    • you have some good ideas here on marketing campaigns. Orasure management has wasted so many opportunities. very disappointing to see them stumble each and every time. however, you probably aren't aware that blood-based HIV tests in asia can cost as little as a dollar at many clinics and hospitals. there's really no need for oraquick in these places. Japan of course is different. unless the CDC, colleges, or some foundation steps up to purchase oraquick retail test kits in bulk and give them away i think the sales will achieve minimal growth and this business line will be lucky to breakeven with expenses. Magic Johnson has virtually no marketing power with the demographics that would actually purchase oraquick. he the wrong spokesperson for this product.

      listened to the webcast... the CEO was so proud of their $75M capital raise but he forgot whose pockets he took the money from... the shareholders.

      glad to hear the NON-BINDING proxy section on executive compensation was voted down. maybe these clowns will take note that the institutions voted NO on the ridiculous pay bonuses.

      why didn't they let us hear the Q&A section of the shareholder's meeting ?

      disclaimer: not long or short. no position on OSUR at this time. waiting for more clarity here on any upward catalyst to own the stock and it's not HCV. personally, i'd like to see CEO, CFO both be fired.

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