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  • annieg007 annieg007 Aug 15, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    Nice Steady Rise, Good Finish, and a Load of Shorts to Cover

    We are one article away from the 30's this stock has a "Double Whammy" potential with the Pancreatic Cancer Phase IIIs and the Ebola vaccine, relinquished to the World Health Organization, Who is under a lot of pressure right now to do something......Maybe we will see some real Live testing sooner than we think, and that will show 100 % remission/prevention, causing our Share Price to Explode....Have a Great Weekend Longs....If this Ebola starts to branch to other nations, and I hope it doesn't, you will really see panic, and I'm glad that we are part of the cure.....

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    • This stock will pop in time bigger then PBYI ! I know much about this and saying to all, load up ! This is your chance to become rich !!! Buy ,hold and be patient !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is the one Ebola stock people should have. Its the one in the press and will make more news. We should be getting more reports of how those health care workers got sick. Its either air borne, mosquitoes or carried by birds . Some thing is just not right when that many get sick with precautions.

    • NewLink is not a "Double Whammy" as you suggest - it is a "Triple Multiple Whammy".

      First whammy is the Hyperaccute platform, vaccine therapies for treatment of several types of cancer. There are 2 phase 3 pancreatic cancer trials under way (check out the phase 2 results!). There are also trials under way for melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, breast cancer underway. Multiple potential wins.

      Second whammy is the IDO platform, which exposes cancer cells to immune attack. This looks like it works as a monotherapy, but even better as a synergist with vaccine or chemo. Again - multiple potential wins.

      Third whammy are anti-viral vaccines of which ebola is just one. Multiple potential wins again.

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