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  • dont_doubt dont_doubt Aug 18, 2011 12:22 PM Flag

    Does anyone know what's

    going on with this turd of a company?

    Last I read, Gumbiner was forking the liquid assets, including borrowed assets to shoot craps with UBS.

    Now, my confidence in european banks is not exactly stellar. Nor in the stock market.

    So, what gives? Is a $1 stock price on its way?

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    • Last filing indicated that Gumbiner sought to have HWG "invest" its liquid assets in the US equity market with UBS. This is not looking too bright at this point. I guess Gumbiner thought that the US Gov't and its insanely corrupt financial regulatory agencies could keep the balls juggled forever. This seems not to be the case. Could it be that Craif Hall did us all a big favor? I agree. This stock should and will be in the single digits.