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  • boz_inc boz_inc Nov 13, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    The 33.16 buy-back mistake...

    Doubling down on growth? TIBCO guided 9% revenue growth for this quarter? I agree VR is confident but could this be ignorance/arrogance? Time will tell. You can't tell the BOD almost two years ago that you can get the stock price to 38.00 without the help of HP while revenues are declining and the PPS is moving in the opposite direction. To me, this is a tell take sign of misplaced confidence.

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    • No one cares what you think!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • The $38 buyout was a rumor based on one unnamed source, get over it.
      Might also want to give VR credit for buying back over 40 MILLION shares back when TIBX traded sub $10?

    • well @boz, you may be right, it may be overconfidence on vr side but it seems to work for him - so far..
      when it stops working pull the plug and move to another stock (assume you own some tibx stock, right? at what price? otherwise can't imagine you are here just for the kicks)

      one thing i don't see though is how to make $$ of your insights
      you tend to use the AssocPress/neutral tone, but need to share whether tibx is a buy/sell/hold/etc and what would be the trading strategies you recommend on short/medium/long term for tibx..

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      • Short term= sell for investors in and out of stocks
        Medium term = Hold
        Long term = buy once short term trend is reversed.

        The above is ONLY if TIBCO does not lose any more ground and starts reversing its year long trend of shrinking revenue and license revenue. It's a big task with today's economy.

        I'm looking at one of the three big players to make a move on someone like a INFA or a QLIK (many others excluding TIBCO). Also, watch for TIBCO to make a small acquisition in the next three months. This could be a catalyst to reverse the current trend. Also, HP is becoming dangerously close to be taken out themselves.

        Over confidence is OK if you can back it up. VR tends to make grandiose predictions without ever coming close to executing.