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  • boz_inc boz_inc Nov 12, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    The 33.16 buy-back mistake...

    TIBCO retired 150 million in stock earlier this year. They used cash generated from issuing convertible notes...which will turn into common stock...very counterproductive especially when these notes convert in the 50.00's. Besides the silliness of that move, TIBCO retired those shares at 33.16. If TIBCO had the discipline to choose when they retired those shares they could haves retired close to 50% more shares! Where is the Accountability? Where's the accountability when TIBCO is trading. over 35% below what HP wanted to buy TIBCO for two years ago? Remember, VR told the BOD he could get the stock to that number without HP's help. TIBCO and Yahoo are two peas on a pod. I wonder if VR and Jerry Yang debate who's move was smarter not selling at a significant premium?

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