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  • sixgunsarnmy sixgunsarnmy Nov 17, 2012 8:41 PM Flag

    McCain continues to disgrace his office

    GOP Senator John McCain Disgracefully Politicizes American Deaths

    Arizona Sen. John McCain has sunk to an all-time low while politicizing the death of 4 Americans as he screams cover-up before the hearings on the Benghazi tragedy have even begun. The disgraced Senator went after the UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, claiming that he would block her bid to become Sec. of State, if the President nominated her. President Obama chastised Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham for political bullying during an American Tragedy, by saying “if you want to go after somebody, go after me.”

    John McCain and his partners at Fox News have made false allegations from the very start of this American tragedy. They are more interested in attacking President Obama than they are of reporting the facts of what happened that night. They have falsely claimed that extra security was denied from the Obama administration and then they lied about the President’s statements, claiming he didn’t call it a terrorist attack.

    John McCain’s failed Presidential attempt in 2008 is still haunting his judgment and his ability to serve the people of this country. He is jumping the gun just like he did during his run for high office when he suspended his campaign during the financial crises and tried to back out of the Presidential debate. That kind of panic and overreaction is not a good quality for President of the United States.

    When you are the leader of the free world, you cannot jump to conclusions. You must decipher the facts, while making a clear and firm decision. The Security of the United States should never be politicized or blamed on anyone until all the facts are in. Fox News, along with Senators McCain and Graham, has let done the country while they continue to disgrace the Republican brand.