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  • sfvip sfvip Dec 5, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    don't even think of selling here

    Oracle takeover at these levels over 26 minimum, the results a due to Sandy, it will rebound today to 22 minimum

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    • hmmm..does somebody sound like a desperate pumper here?

      i wander why a vip will be so desperate to pump the stock..

      is the company in such a bad shape that it needs public pumping?
      or he is too heavy invested in the co?

      i think is #2, even though #1 is coming up from behind as well

      imho the stock may have a dead cat bounce before the conf call on 20th but there isn't really any reason to buy at this point as it has some way to go further down

      it is obvious everybody believes they are going to do bad - including vivek who is the classical overly-optimistic type..
      imo they will also get in expectation management mode, being more conservative in estimates, as if they overestimate once more and under deliver will cost a lot more

      so why bother buying here when you can pick it much lower later next year ? (hopefully they will clean out the house by then)