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  • nomdeplume666 nomdeplume666 Dec 6, 2012 2:05 AM Flag

    Paving the Cow Path

    Tibco took quite the big dump today. And who has Vivek selected to be the fall guy? Can't be Robin Gilthorpe, as he was the fall guy last quarter. How about, oh, I don't know, Hurricane Sandy? Yeah, that's right, let's blame it on the weather. Oh, and the sun was in their eyes, too. I'll bet they were on their knees begging clients to close a deal before quarter end, and they got stuffed.

    This is the most pathetic excuse for a company I have ever seen. Tibco just jumps on whatever is the current buzzword in tech: first it's cloud data, then it's dashboards, then it's Twitter, now it's Big Data. Vivek is just paving the cowpath in real-time.

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    • hahaha.. that is too funny..

      "the sun was in their eyes"... you should write for wall street, they need some real humor infusion

      as about the company being a follower, imho nothing new there - they always were a follower, even though desperately tried to pretend otherwise.

      btw, noting wrong to be a follower IF you execute well.

      IF you are a follower AND execute poorly.. you go down the cow path..

      hopefully in 2013 they'll be able to help this cow climb up the wall of worry..