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  • sixgunsarnmy sixgunsarnmy Dec 27, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    GOP incompetence

    " Two Years Ago, John Boehner promised to be "Laser Focused on Jobs and the Economy" So what has the GOP House been up to?

    House Bills passed:
    46 Bills on Abortion
    113 Bills on Religion
    73 Bills on Family Relationships
    36 Bills on Marriage
    72 Bills on Firearms
    604 Bills on Taxation
    437 Bills on Govt Investigations

    Bills attempted and failed to be passed even by the GOP:
    33 attempts to Defund Obamacare.....Failed
    15 attempts to Cut Funding for Planned Parenthood......Failed
    3 Attempts to Cut Funding for VA Hospitals.......Failed.

    GOP blocked bills:
    Blocked bill to aid Small Business
    Blocked Unemployment extension
    Blocked Bank Reform Bills
    Blocked Campaign Finance Reform and open Contributions Law
    Blocked MULTIPLE Jobs Bills
    Blocked Infrastructure Bill
    Blocked Ending Tax Breaks for companies that Outsource Jobs
    Blocked Wall Street Reform
    Blocked Energy Legislation
    Blocked Mine Safety Bill
    Blocked Oil Spill Liability Cap increase
    Blocked Bill to lower Oil Company Tax Breaks
    Blocked Bill to impose charging American Oil Companies on Oil achieved in the Gulf

    Number of TRUE Jobs Bills even allowed to come to a vote in the House....NONE.

    Here's hoping in the New Year that the GOP continues to destroy their "brand" and the majority of hard-working, practical Americans vote them all out in the next election cycle. "