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  • boz_inc boz_inc Jan 11, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    SAP's HANA

    Appears that SAP HANA is winning the battle with TIBCO by a 100 miles. Serious problems ahead for TIBCO if they can't get a handle on selling their own products. That's what happens when you rely on the IBM marketing dept to sell the concept of real-time.

    Sell VR...if you don't get it after 20 years you'll never get it, right? What could've been. Vivek you should rephrase your statement that "this is TIBCO's decade" to "TIBCO's lost decade". Flat growth with acquisitions in a hot space clearly points to more than execution issues.

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    • boz - slightly off topic :

      have you heard the story with the mosquito on the back of the elephant pretending he is driving the elephant ?

      or the flea on the tail of the beaver pretending she is the one chopping trees ?

      or the emperor and his invisible clothes ?

      hana (and barbera) could make some nice cartoons out of them..

      • 1 Reply to dfwetr23765
      • I have...funny. I haven't figured out if its VR's ego or his greed (via options) which really stunted TIBCO's growth. VR thinks he can grow TIBCO into IBM by developing and cultivating his own people into managers. It just not gonna happen that way. TIBCO had their chance for the last 5 years to really leapfrog the competition and they pull out zero growth last quarter.

        What's going to change within TIBCO over the next several years that will change the culture? Nothing. So it's going to be TIBCO eating the crumbs instead of eating the entire cookie.

        I'm sure TIBCO will hit 30 again this year...if they don't have a Q4 repeat or anything close. It doesn't matter if you have the goods if you can't sell it and/or have the operational piece to keep up with growth.

        BTW, I have responded to more of you post but they get deleted by yahoo. Clean, no links and they delete them? Oh we'll...