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  • antsyindapantsy antsyindapantsy Mar 21, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    only person who gets rich is Vivek

    rest of you are screwed
    they screwed me out of 100k with Talarian
    good luck!

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    • More sour grapes, geeze. Are you related to bozo?

    • I was a small time investor in Talarian when they went public. I agree Tibco/Vivek stole the company for a rediculously low ball price, but that said, it was just a smart and opportune business decision on Vivek's part. It couldn't have happened without the collusion of Talarian upper management and their Board who sold out investors for a one time quick payday as well as some cushy jobs with Tibco for select Talarian upper level guys. They are the real bad guys in that whole sordid affair who screwed investors back in the day. I don't blame Vivek, as much as Laffey and the rest of the Talarian crew for the sell out

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      • to be fair, vr couldn't have bought without talr board approval
        agree with you on the whole story..

        imo it seems like tbco is buying companies at "garage sale" only - they don't look at the synergies, etc - they look at how much they can get for the price

        that is a *v* bad approach imho

        don't know why they do that, could be many reasons why a company buys such a large variety of businesses :

        - lack of vision (expecting to "buy a vision" - which never happens)

        - need to "diversify the offering" (which could end-up diluting the message and eroding the position)

        - need to say "i got it all, just let me know what you want, we can offer *everything* (it is knowns that companies can't properly handle that level of offering - logistical nightmare)

        not sure which one is in their case, just talking based on what's i've read on pinterest - business section last week

      • Cost me a few bucks, TALR (even met one of their guys in Paris, he took me to lunch!). Sold my last few shares of TIBX when they spiked to $27 or so a while back. Looked at the price today and the after hours and wonder what the heck happened to the mission of this company?

    • what are you referring to as to talarian. Is that your world of warcraft screen name?