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  • badboy91998 badboy91998 Apr 18, 2000 5:21 AM Flag

    $32? NOT...try $57

    Yes i realize $32 was the dip. I went back and
    read my post and it reads as follows: "TIBX was at $32
    premarket and for a few minutes after the CLOSE". I screwed
    up, that was suppose to say "a few minutes after the

    The point I was trying to make is that a few minutes
    after the open, there were still tons of $32 prints
    coming off, and a stocks valuation for the day changes
    as each print comes off. So wether the stock is + or
    - at that point in the day depends on what the last
    transaction was. The bid/ask ran back up to around $46, so we
    were only down about $2. But the prints kept coming
    off at $32 and TIBX was still reading that it was
    down $15.

    This is not uncommon for the first
    minute or so of the day, as the prints from the night
    before print out real fast. It was very strange and
    unusual in this case in that it lasted for over ten
    minutes, and that was on level II. People who dont have
    access to level II, who get delayed quotes would have
    seen that we were down $15 for yet another 20 minutes
    or so. They might have thought the bottom was
    falling out and sold, only to find out it was really back
    to even. This is why I posted that info on the board
    early yesterday morning, to keep people from selling
    due to false information/bad prints.

    My second
    post was aimed at the people that posted LATE in the
    day, almost near the close, that TIBX was at $32. The
    only time we were at $32 was right at the open. They
    should state that in their post. Their post made it
    sound like TIBX was at $32 at the time of the post.