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  • azcashcowprw azcashcowprw Jan 10, 2011 9:15 AM Flag

    OMG P3 ok'ed by FDA!!!!!

    This successful meeting with the FDA clears the way for Pro-Pharmaceuticals to
    begin the Phase III development program following submission and approval of the
    final protocol," said Peter G. Traber, M.D., Chief Medical Officer,
    Pro-Pharmaceuticals. "Extending patient survival, while decreasing severe
    adverse effects of chemotherapy, is significant and unique. The successful
    meeting with the FDA is an essential step in the DAVANAT(R) development program
    and we look forward to implementing it in 2011."

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    • Azgrannym,

      What, do you feel I need to respond to you as soon as you post? I will make the same points about PRWP.OB as many times as I like. See, I am stating undisputed facts to counter the many bald-faced lies and misinformation issued by prwp.ob pumpers and prwp.ob itself. If you had any honor, you would be doing the same, or at least telling the prwp.ob pumpers to stop their campaign of misinformation and lies. At the very least, you would also stop making absurd post where you claim the critics of prwp.ob are making vile fecal related comments. It is obvious it is being done by the lying pumper longs, as it is simply another manifestation of their amoral and deviant nature.

      You have chosen to allow the many bald-faced lies and misinformation issued by prwp.ob pumpers and prwp.ob itself to go unchallenged because you might profit from such reprehensible behavior. Why don't you either acknowledge that I have posted facts, or point out where I am in error and prove the FDA links to prove it? Otherwise, simply acknowledge that you are willing to try and profit by letting lying pumper scum mislead and lie others.

    • Cleveland Clinic has one bed available!!!!

      Lobotomy, though rare these days, can still offer benefits. Da sooner, da better.....hehehehehehe Its is OK to bring along ya "ignore toy" and ya "security blanket"....hehehehehehehe

    • Guess the sorry a$$ Doctoree Vinne..has no answer. Anyone who pays attention to this loser and, worse yet, buys or sells on his continual rants deserves what they get. Vinnie you're on ignore. So long, slug.

    • Jumping Gesus, you said the same GD thing on January 11. What's with you? Let's get this straight, do you have the bulls to tell us all why you continually go over and over this same point? It's either personal or you're really in need of help. Tell us if you have the testacular fortitude to put this question to rest. And all of you can shove the "star ratings" up where the sun doesn't shine. Nobody cares. And if you're on "ignore", the I won't be hearing any of your rants anyway and could care less (obviously) what you think. Answer, Doctoreeee.

    • Let's get this straight. The FDA didn't approve anything about a Davanat phase III trial. PRWP.OB issued a press release one month after it said it met with the FDA, and claimed positive feedback.

      Let's get this straight. PRWP.OB has never completed a phase II trial of any kind, let alone a controlled phase II trial. PRWP.OB engages in serial lying, with the most obvious the bs survival advantage they keep issuing in press releases. Traders and lying pumper longs can pump up a company stock price all they want, but that doesn't change these facts.

      Let's get this straight. Lying pumpers like Nh thinks this is part of how a biotech does business, by lying and issuing misleading press releases. No, that is the way scam companies do it. Real biotechs conduct trials, complete those trials, then show the data at meetings and or publish it. Even if the data isn't favorable, they issue the results. The lying pumpers like Nh/Az/Rockstar/jack want you to believe that Prwp.ob has excellent data but they won't show it in any public forum. Right, that makes sense. The prwp.ob data is bad or inconclusive.

      Let's get this straight. Real biotechs also run phase II trials to completion so they can generate the data need to optimize the drug efficacy for a subsequent phase III. It isn't a game or an obstacle, but rather an important part of the drug development process. If necessary, they use the data to raise funds via stock issuance or partnerships. prwp.ob has done neither since they haven't completed any phase II trial.

    • ++++ "Nh thinks this is part of how a biotech does business.."++++

      Question is how does vinmantoo do business?, claiming to "have been awarded multiple grants, including NIH",without a shred of evidence.

      Da Superior Court of Suffolk County in Massachusetts AGREED with PRWP's ownership of its intellectual property, vis-a-vis DAVANAT®, by formally issuing its judgment dismissing da trade secret lawsuit prosecuted by Prospect Therapeutics, Inc. (“Prospect”) against PRWP and its former CEO, David Platt, Ph.D.

      Further, PRWP is doing business by da book, when it sought and was granted OK by da FDA to purse its Phase III clinical trials of DAVANAT®. Vinmantoo who has NEVER ran any business, even a lemonaide stand, seem to know how to do business better than da FDA....interesting!!!!!, to say da least. Da FDA approved increased survival primary end point, with a secondary end point of reduced serious side effects of chemotherapy, for the trial, is a slam dunk....

      Remember da 6.7 months Median Survival vs. 4.6 Months for the Best Standard of Care? da FDA seem to agree with this concept and OK'ed PRWP to provide proof, via Phase III. As for its secondary endpoint, it is a known fact that DAVANAT®
      reduces Chemo side effects by more than 50%, and no Mucositis SAEs (ulcers in mouth or GI tract)....see, vinny, from where savie investors sit, this recent FDA OK, is indeed a clear pathway to FDA approval of DAVANAT® on short order....What a brilliant strategy!!!!!!

      This is GOOD BU$INE$$ by PRWP.....Proof is in da pudding, PRWP is trading above $1.00...$weet pudding, I say....hehehehehehe

    • LOL LOLO LOL OL O L!!!!!!

      Feuerstein also had some very positive comments about ONXX from his live blog at the JP Morgan heath forum yesterday.


    • Let's get this straight

      GLGS GTCB ARE BK..Vinmantoo owned them both!!!!

    • Real biotechs conduct trials, complete those trials, then show the data at meetings and or publish it.

      LOL Vindope you owned GTCB GLGS they did it your way and went bust jackazzzzzz

    • You are such a lying POS.

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