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  • moneyonomics moneyonomics Nov 10, 2011 8:16 PM Flag

    Obama Rejects Reason, Kills Keystone XL

    looks like epd/enbridge option only deal in town for sometime to come

    Obama Rejects Reason, Kills Keystone XL

    " So the Obama administration rejected Keystone XL. Oh sure, they want us to think it’s just a delay, a kicking of the Keystone can down the road. Officially, the state department just sent TransCanada (NYSE:TRP) back to the drawing board to look at a variety of other pipeline routes that do their best to avoid the Sandhills in Nebraska and areas overlaying the Ogawalla Aquifer. But don’t be fooled. This is a rejection plain and simple."

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    • So Obama wants jobs. Yeah sure. If he wanted jobs, he would have approved of the Keystone project as well as open up drilling in the U.S.

      This just proves to everyone that he is more committed to his communist ideology than to creating jobs and allowing America to become energy independent and getting back on our feet. Being energy independent would not only create jobs, but it would provide the foundation for getting our business back from China and other countries around the world. Energy is key to a building a strong business climate. Add low taxes and lower regulations and watch the jobs grow!!

      The best thing we can do it vote Obama out and vote a strong conservative into office.

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      • He has held up a lot of NG pipelines that he is just starting to allow - but his 3 year delays prevented gas from getting to the New Jersey area that is hungy for it. Now it will take at least a year to complete during which we burn foreign oil.
        I am convinced he allowed them only because it would be a campaing issue - and now he can say he did it. Everything is politics with this guy - blew a trillion dollars on projects that did limited good.

    • Protecting the sandhills and aquifer makes about as much sense as saying don't fly in a plane because it might crash or don't drive on the highway you might get killed. Obama believes in overkill thinking he can ban accidents.

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