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  • dlhild Jan 28, 2010 12:40 PM Flag

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    My Medafor stock would have been worth $0 four years ago if it had not been for the current Medafor management team. This is the cae for most other Medafor shareholders as well. This management team saved Medafor. In my view they have always been honest with shareholders. Over the past 3 years they have rapidly grown sales and cash flow numbers. It appears to me that Medafor doubles cash flow every 18 months. Medafor has reached "critical mass". SGA can jack Medafor around for a while, that's for sure. However, at the end of the day, I don't think he will succeed. In fact at the end of the day he may end up not acquiring Medafor, losing the HemoStase contract, and thereby injuring CRY shareholders. Medafor would work with CRY in a good business relationship, but from what I'm observing SGA is playing hard ball, so that is what Medafor will play in return. Medafor is simply too valuable to give it to SGA for free. However, time will tell I guess. If and when I get a chance to talk to Medafor management, I'm going to say I support them and hope they run the company for another 3 or 4 years so as a Medafor shareholder I can get full value for my shares. I hope that other Medafor shareholders react like this as well. I think they will, if for no other reason the "vague proposal" is rediculously underpriced.

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    • I'm a little concerned that you like the management that has put your co. at risk for this law suit. If they are so good why have they lied. Lied about selling to others and territories. What have they done except sold product everywhere and lied in their contract (they knew it as they signed it)?
      uh oh, maybe they got their share price up illegally. Why would they sell 10% of their own holdings if they were right? Seems to me, Cryolife are better managers. Sure the share price is down but everybody fell off a cliff. Healthcare however will always be here. Cryolife is a 60% higher (minimum) than what it is selling for now.

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      • dlhild Jan 28, 2010 3:35 PM Flag

        To my knowledge, current Medafor management has never lied. I have observed them for about 5 years...give or take...the Medafor story is a long and greed driven story. I think they are extremely honest people...that may surprise some of you. Management with honesty and shareholder interest at this level even surprises me.

        Please state your case...if you have one.

        Please present your facts...if you have any.

        Please be specific. I'm receptive to true, honest, and accurate information. I'm a data miner in my real life after all. Things R what things R.

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