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  • dlhild Feb 12, 2010 7:25 PM Flag

    Medafor Shareholders will

    Perhaps, but it has I think become pretty much a "no brainer" from the Medafor side of things. What you need to understand is that CRY needs Medafor more than the other way around. You may think this is spoken lightly, but it is not. Medafor has the cash flow necessary to litigate with CRY for 4 years, if necessary. Everyone needs to understand that. CRY entered into a 6 year contract, two 3 years periods. We are about 2 years into the 6 year period...only 4 years remaining. If Medafor has to litigate for 4 more years, CRY may be doing me a favor. Why, because at the end of 4 more years Medafor could say "good-bye" to CRY. This is because my understanding is that the contract does not extend beyond the 6 year period, unless the parties amend it. At that point Medafor revenues would probably be approaching $60M, and cash flow would be approaching CRY's! The Medafor cash flow model is a very simple one. It is very profitable too. Sometime, if I feel charitable enough, I will explain it to everyone. It is so simple in fact it can be projected with a high degree of certainty. It would be better for everyone though if SGA and GS put their egos aside for the sake of humanity. I think both SGA and GS, in the appropriate setting are probably pretty fair, reasonable, nice guys. Perhaps they both need a good arbitrator to sit them down to work out their differences. However, if this does not happen, I repeat that Medafor has the necessary cash flow to fight this thing for 4 more years. At that point, Medafor shareholders are solidly behind GS.

    Everyone needs to know that SGA is a smart guy. I think, since he has been running a tissue business which helps people, he is probably fundamentally a good guy too. Maybe we can get two good guys working together better, there is always hope. :>)))

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