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  • dlhild Feb 23, 2010 6:56 PM Flag

    Honest Talk

    CRY, as a stand alone investment has quite good fundamentals. I own some for the longer term, and am trying to work my way back into a channel trading position. Their 4th quarter results were good. I have some longer term concerns with their pipeline, but that will probably work out OK. Therefore, as a stand alone investment, I agree with springer and some other posters.

    Regarding CRY only, they will be affected by the general direction of the market. IMO, the general market is pretty pricy right now, so if we get a big down leg, it will affect everything, including CRY. Nevertheless, I own and channel trade CRY for the same reason many of you do.

    As a Medafor shareholder too, I have other feelings. I do not think the two companies fit very well. I think there is a lot of crap going on that could be avoided by reasonable parties. I will join with other Medafor shareholders in fighting back. I am optimistic that Medafor will remain independent for a few more years. If this occurs, as springer said, CRY will still profit nicely from the stock appreciation. If CRY were to be successful with their takeover, then I would have to live with it. I know SGA is a smart guy. I expect him to make an interesting move. But have no doubt, this will not be an easy takeover. Medafor shareholders have had a number of fights over the past few years, and shareholder alliances have been made. Also, leave no doubt about the fact that Medafor is very well managed right now. There are a lot of lies out their about Medafor management. The fact is that the management team is very strong and has tremendous shareholder support.

    The best result would be for both companies to get along, and let either accountants or an arbitrator compute cross selling amounts.

    If CRY ends up not being able to sell HemoStase beyond the contract extension period, I think it would be a big blow to CRY's long term pipeline. Even if this were to occur, I still think CRY will come out of this in very good shape.

    Two other points. My background is in finance and accounting. I think the "going concern" language will be removed from the 2009 financial statements. Second, Medafor has sufficient cash flow to both grow and litigate, if necessary. Suffice it to say that while CRY is bigger and stronger, Medafor has enough resources and a lot of passion. Medafor will be tough to tackle.

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