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  • dlhild Mar 14, 2010 7:07 PM Flag

    $6.21 next week's buy target price...

    I like your suggested time line. September 2010 works just fine for Medafor shareholders. Why should Medafor expedite them, just because CRY is crying? Time is Medafor's friend and CRY's enemy. Yep, Sept 2010 for the 2009 financial statements would be sweet. Late October, or early November would be the perfect time though. Then we would have 3 quarters of unaudited 2010 financial statements too. Then CRY would be able to wake up to the coffee and see how badly they are getting their butt kicked. As a medafor shareholder, I see no reason to rush this matter. So, CRY baby CRY.

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    • You fail to realize that failure to produce financial statements puts you in no position to go public.

      You used to explain with glee medafor's massive growth %'s, (albeit tiny actual $'s) but you are so foolish to realize that there are no audited financial statements to back them up.

      Keep bashing and keep living in your fantasy world. And share some more numbers, it is quite funny. I can't wait for you to share the dilution numbers when medafor trys to raise more capital, now that will be really funny, but not to medafor shareholders...and there will be change.

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      • dlhild Mar 14, 2010 11:59 PM Flag

        Your assumptions and views are all messed up. Medafor presently has sufficient cash flow to both grow and litigate. I admit it would be nice not to have to litigate, but Medafor sales and cash flow are growing nicely. Audited financial statements, no big rush. Why help CRY do any do diligence? CRY's tissue business possibly being challenged! Bioglue market possibly being challenged! Hemostase market probably not doing that well for CRY, because they seem focused on selling tissue and Bioglue, not Hemostase.

        If SGA wants Medfor, then offer a 1:1 share exchange and make a game out of it. Otherwise, Medafor will just take the contract minimums and burn the clock. It is great for Medafor shareholders if GS and GT manage the company for another 4 years.

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